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    20170831_155952.jpg 20170831_155909.jpg 20170831_155853.jpg Hi as title says I'm a first time grower bought a home last year and was cleaning out my attick found a pill bottle with about 25 seeds . I was able to get 8 seeds to germinate. Planted 4 direct in the ground 2 in 5 gallon pales and 2 in small 1 gallon pots so I could try to muniplulate them . Used an organic soil in pots with a generous amount of seaweed compost. Also fertilized with a 20-20-20. Here a few pics so far 20170831_104654.jpg 20170831_104637.jpg 20170831_104621.jpg 20170831_104559.jpg 20170826_134958.jpg 20170814_193933.jpg 20170814_194009.jpg
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  2. Looking like "Campbell's Soup" Pauly

    mmmm, mmmmm, gooood... :rave-girl:

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