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    Whats up GC. Been stalking this site trying to pick up the best methods for awhile now (hadnt had a place of my own to actualy do anything). but now its time for my first attempt. I decided to start small and im useing a PC case as my cab seeing as its alittle easier to hide if the land lord comes by. I have 3 CFL bulbs at 23watts a peice and i have 3 fans i have yet to install. i started my girl outside becouse i thought the natural sunlight might be good for a fresh sprout and everything was going good untill some racoons decided they where going to knock my pot over and play around in the dirt. took me about an hour to find the seed on my porch and when i did it already had a tail. wasnt sure if it was going to make it but i replanted it in a solo cup and set it on a higher ledge away from the trash cans. about a week went by and it was stretching bad so i moved it into my indoor setup. i have some pics ill upload. i guess im just looking for some input. my main concern is the size of my pot since i had to transfer it out of the solo cup and into a sugar container from the kitchen so it whould fit in my case. also a schedule for lighting and a good minimalist nutes schedule whould be nice. ill probly be posting daily with upgrades and whatnot becouse i get bored and that makes for inginuity. looking forward to any thoughts or tips.
  2. Looks like it will be tomorow before any pics happen, my camera isnt charged and its about my bedtime. stay tuned.
  3. I don't mean to nitpick but you haven't been posting pictures..

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