First timer with edibles

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  1. I didn't know where else to put this but I am getting some edibles here soon and wanted to know what to expect from first-hand experience? I am getting a 300mg cookie and a 100mg sucker. Should I start out with the sucker before I go for the cookie? & since I have never tried edibles before, when it comes to the cookie how much should I break off seeing as it's such a large dose of THC?

    All advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I've tried several different forms of edibles and they all were bought from dispensaries in Colorado, so they were the professionally manufactured stuff. But to be honest, as far as the buzz I got from them, I enjoyed the buzz from just smoking much much more. The high I always get from edibles takes a very long time to come on you because it takes the body time to digest it and get it into the blood stream. And every time I've done them, regardless of how much or what I tried, it was always more of a very relaxing feeling to my body more than a "buzz" per se. Since you've never tried them before and I don't know anything about your tolerance, your best bet is going to be go low and slow and give whatever you ingest plenty of time to get into your system and you feel the affect, whatever it may be for you, before you eat more. This stuff that is available these days has such a huge THC content that I would never recommend anyone an amount to try. If you're not a heavy smoker and your tolerance is low, just take it easy and slow. If you're a big smoker of premium quality weed and your tolerance is high, I wouldn't worry much about overdoing it. I never could eat enough of the stuff to feel the way I thought I should feel. But that's about all I can tell you as far as edibles go. Hope you enjoy. TWW

  3. Thank you so much, I appreciate the advice. I think I'm gonna start out slow like you said. I binge smoke so I don't really have any tolerance. I smoke every day for weeks, and then I quit smoking and maybe don't smoke for 5-6 months. So I think I'll just break off a little piece when I get it and try it that way. Thank you once again!
  4. Take it easy at first, relax, and have a great time!


  5. Go easy
  6. Yeah, don't overdo it for sure. In my experience, edibles give me either a nice buzz for like 6-8 hours, OR I trip out and get ridiculously baked. One or the other.
  7. Pretty much what everyone else said. Just remember it takes a while to kick in. 30 minutes, an hour, more depending on your body. So don't think you need more if it's been a bit and you feel nothing. If you go too far just remember it's not going to kill you. And make sure you have a lot of free time after where you don't need to do anything. Edibles can have you sailing through the entire day easily. Enjoy the ride
  8. If you have never tried edibles before, I would try half the sucker, wait an hour or 2 and then finish it if you arent feeling anything. That cookie you are going to want to break up into probably three servings (and those will be pretty strong servings)...Some people get high off 10 mg of an edible where with me it takes 50-100 mg
  9. I tried edibles twice, the first time was a bomb. It didn't work. The second time I got pretty stoned but that was because I ate more then the recommended amount. My buddies made s'more cookies and they each ate one. I ate one plus half of another one because I wanted to feel it. I got pretty stoned. If I would've eaten the other half right away instead of waiting four hours to finish it like I did I probably would've had a pretty uncomfortably strong high. You've definitely got to be careful with oral doses.

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