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  1. Hi all. I've only just registered.
    I have 4 plants in a 80x80x160 tent with a 600w hps. Inclosed hood on to filter and exhaust. Intake and exhaust fans (exhaust is more powerful for negative pressure) growing in canna terra pro with added perilite. Feeding canna terra vega as still in veg. Canna flora ready for flip. I did make some compost tea from worm castings and molasses. Feed them a little bit and foliage sprayed once. They were hunger a few days age but are coming good now. There are all about 6 1/2 weeks old now.
    Plants are Kera pineapple sativa fem, paradise original white widow fem, medical channel+ fem and purple caper chocolate tonic. A mad mix I know but other half has health issues so I'm trying to medicate so I need to find one she likes. ( the white widow was a freebie and that'll be for me. ;-) )
    I didn't understand anything when I started and it's a steep learning curve! A lot more to it than I thought but I'm loving it.
    I struggle slightly with timing as I work away from home 4 days then home for 4. So I've had to put a timer on the water/feed for while I'm away but when I'm home they only get it every other day as required.
    Temps are 20-28degs (night and day) it was much hotter in the beginning until I swapped reflector for inclosed one so I suck more heat out.
    PH is about 6.
    The w/widow is much smaller than the rest but when it sprouted it died while only an inch tall, and another shoot suddenly appeared! Twins?! Lol.
    6 1/2 weeks in I was wondering when I should flip from 18/6 to 12/12. I read somewhere that they double+ in size when they go into flower, is that true? If so I'll need to flip soon as I'll run out of space. [​IMG]




    That the progress up until one week ago, they are bigger now. I'll get another picture up soon.
    The last picture is the nute def I had before I got the feed right. They look much better now.

    So how long till I flip?

    And advice/ constructive criticism welcomed.

    As I say, it's a steep learning curve!

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  2. You don't need an intake fan if you have an exhaust fan.
    Don't over-think the feeding. Those teas, elixirs, etc might make you feel better, but the plants probably won't.
    Running out of vertical space is a danger.
    Consider switching to autos next time, and then you'll have fewer decisions, and can even use 24-0 lighting from seed to harvest. Autos can actually grow quite large, and running out of vertical space will still be an issue.
    Also consider using a 13 on, 11 off light cycle for your present grow. Those extra hours of light can help.
  3. Do you mean 13/11 when I flip? When to flip?
    I'll give autos some thought. Got a few more seed strains mostly fems to try before I buy again.

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  4. You can flip anytime, although waiting til you see some developing flower sites is best.
    Some of us have used 13-11, and it works fine for flowering. Some people veg under 24-0.
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  5. Any benefits to 13 11 never heard that before.
    I only feed mine every 4 days anyway.

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  6. I'd flip those girls right now man honestly it's already looking tight in there lol.
  7. I think Alternating nodes are a better gauge of sexual maturity..I have seen plants that just will not pre-flower!
    Alternating nodes.jpg
  8. Yeah I've flipped tonight. I'm a little concerned that I'm gonna run out of room. What's the best trimming advice. Also is it too late to tie them down or bend them a bit?

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  9. When do alternating nodes begin to appear?
  10. depending on strain..anywhere from 4-6 weeks from sprout..
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  11. 4 plants is gonna get crowded in an 80x80 good luck man
  12. So it's a safe bet to say 4-6 weeks from Germ till sexual maturity?
  13. I know (now!) lol. First time and all that. Wasn't really expecting all 4 to live.

    So what's the best bet with pruning and shaping them?

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  14. Scrog 1 plant. With a 600w you should hit 7-8oz

    This is 1 plant in a 3x3 20170821_210513.jpg
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  15. Usually but..No one size fits all though;)
    You can flip when you want as was said..but a Sexually mature plant will flower faster and fuller than an immature one..Longer Veg=Bigger plants= More yield..
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  16. IMHO I would wait a few days to a week to do anything if you decide to since your barely flipping, you don't wanna stress the plant out to much. maybe just trim a bit to open up more bud sites. I don't think you really have room to bend anything over or train a whole lot just have to remember next time not to crowd your tent as much. Learning curve :)
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  17. Trimming it is then. Just the big fan leaves?

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  18. how long did you veg that beast?
  19. its never to late to tie them down mate. ive only grown autos and i train them every few days of their lives. i try not to defol in veg but in flower i take off at least a shopping bag full every week. heres my current project image.jpeg image.jpeg she should end up like this image.jpeg but with twice as many colas and a foot higher. in flower i just chop off anything thats blocking light. its maybe a bit less of a requirement with hps to be fair. i use leds and the penetration isnt great so ive gotta keep at it or the bottom of the buds get ruined.
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