First timer - needing assistance !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by d3111, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Hello fellow tokers :)

    Am totally new to this forum so any assistance would be greatfully received :)

    Firstly the beginner's germination guide by Stylez was totally awesome, I decided to not run the risk of ending up with male plants so invested in some feminine seeds and germinated two (quite) successfully and transferred them over to small pots (as can be seen below in the pictures, sorry about the blurriness)... unfortunately one of the germinated seeds decided to sprout a very very curly root in the space of six hours, I planted it as soon as I got home from work but as can be seen in the photo, I think I have successfully killed it, when it originally grew the root was upwards instead of in the soil !!! (it was seriously that curly a root, had terrible problems transferring it to a pot and trying to get the root facing downwards), anyhow i managed to (using tweezers) replant with the root going downwards and now it just seems like it has resigned itself to die... the other however seems to be going along nicely. To date i have used the ole baggie methods to keep the moisture in and it seems to be working a treat.

    Originally i was looking to use my loft space to grow indoors but seeing as though the sun really has come up for us UK folks, have decided to try an outside grow and will transfer them off the window sill and outside when theyre ready.

    Do you guys think I have totally killed the second one? will try and get a better picture that is more clear (thats samsung phones for ya !! LOL)...

    Sorry to ramble on (you can tell I am female !!)... but any comments would be gratefully received (and be nice, am a newbie !!)...

    D3111 x


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  2. Glad my guide helped ya. There is a possibility it will be okay. once I plant the seed, I usually try not to handle it what so ever. Give it a bit and see if it survives. good luck!
  3. Thanks for feedback Stylez :)

    I really didnt want to handle the seed but when the root grew out of the soil I panicked and thought it best to replant (probably totally messed it but only time will tell)..

    for now will let mother nature do her thing and hope for the best !!

    thanx again :) :eek:
  4. this has happened to me before too. See if you can get a small popsicle stick in the soil and lean the plant up on that so it has to face up. Water it once so the soil snugly hugs the root, make sure the light is 3" away and hope for the best. Dont water it again for about 2-3 days. Iv saved 2 plants using this method. One of them just flowered. Good luck!
  5. :(

    Unfortunately the second plant was beyond saving, it died today :-( the other however seems to be looking good, let me know what you think :) (thank god that the UK sunshine has finally improved for us) !!

    Thanks for your tips, found that using a toothpick worked a treat :)

    D3111 :wave:

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  6. looks good :wave:
  7. Good luck with that one.

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