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    My little one is looking a little stunted, or seems to be growing slower than I had anticipated anyway.

    30:60:10 perlite:coco: Promix respectively.

    No nutes yet (other than what's in the Promix)

    Looking at about day 10 from dry seed/germination.

    It breached the soil and literally hasn't grown up whatsoever since.. just "out". I didn't cover stem with soil or anything. Leaves are pointing up. Seems healthy so far?

    pH about 6.8, 450w LED with both bloom and veg on. Temp is high 80's if I close the tent, 78F or so with panel open. Light about 7" away.

    Second set (or true leaves) are coming through now.

    Just so very slow rolling. Perhaps expecting too much? Looks like some purple tinges here and there.

    Guess my question really is: 10 days in, does my little one look normal?

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  3. I don't that much about LEDs but I think you should just be running it on veg. When you throw them into flower then you should have both bloom and veg on, but it depends on what kind of LEDs you have. Also, your ph could be to high, try getting it down to 6.0, although I think it will be more of an issue when you start adding nutes. Other than that they look good. Whats your light cycle look like, 18 hours on 6 hours off?
  4. Thanks for the reply!

    24 hours on for first week, now at 18/6 (3 days now). Will continue at that.

    I kept both bloom and veg on to get full light spectrum.

    I was/am only worried since it's so damn short lol. I know that's not the worst thing in the world (better than tall and lanky) but it's literally not growing "up" at all. Perhaps I just need to give it time.

    And the round leaves pointing to the sky.. is that normal?
  5. The height could have something to do with the strain 2 seeds I started at the same time under the same lights and conditions one grew straight up and the other grew more out and bushy as long as it has steady growth I wouldn't worry about it
  6. Cheers bud!

    Not too concerned right now (but also feel like a parent with a child lol). Just want to make sure my baby is OK.

    The strain is unknown. Each point on the jagged ends of the leaves, as well as new leaves coming up, look a little purple. Could be strain so am not too concerned right now. Too soon for nutes im thinking even if it's a deficiency of sorts. Temp seems reasonable. Definitely not too cold. If anything a little too warm.

    I'll keep at 'er and see what comes of it.

    I'll work to bring to pH down some. Letting it dry out nicely before next watering. Too easy, as a noobie, to overwater.

    Is it a good idea to poke some holes in the sides of the cup? Has great drainage out the bottom already. Just thinking for better airflow.
  7. I don't know what it means when the cotyledons, the round leaves, point up. But in general when the leaves are pointing up it could indicate stress usually caused by to much heat or to much light. Like how high of 80s are we talking, below 86 should be alright. A small oscillating fan could help, you can find one for like 10 bucks. You might want to raise the light by an inch or two. Whats your humidity look like? Honestly though I think changing the lights to 18/6 should help speed things up.
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    87/88F maxed out. I opened the front panel when it reached that and we're now down to around ~82F.

    I've got two fans in there currently (second fan is hanging from top of tend; out of view). Airflow is pretty good.

    Humidity at 50% give or take. Never gets much higher than 50%. Should I look to raise it up? Or is that OK?

    For all I know it's perfectly healthy lol. Just a worried parent that it's not growing tall(er) :)

    And ya, I'm thinking that 24 hr on might have been too much. Only a few days on 18/6 so I'm hoping to see some better results upcoming.

    But can you see the purple tinge on the edges of the leaves in that one shot there? Looks pretty cool lol but I'm worried that it's something wrong.

    Thanks for your replies!
  9. is that a vipar 450 LED light? if so it needs to be closer to 30" away for the baby when it gets bigger I believe its 24" that's probably why your getting the purple too.
  10. Yes it is. Good eye!

    So keep it about 30" away for now then? 6-7" away right now. There's barely any heat coming off of it though.
  11. I have the vipar 300 with I would of got one you did. it recommends keeping it 24" away. ive had mine at 22" with no problem but haven't wanted to risk going to much more then that. I hope that helps it. its not heat issue it that led are really strong lights.
  12. Thanks bud! Just moved it to ~23" now. I'll let that ride and see how she (hopefully a "she") does.

    I'll check back in in a few days.
  13. I've read to wait for first few sets of "true leaves" before adding nutes. That sound good? I've got GH ready and waiting. However they (General Hydroponics) do recommend a seedling cycle. But I'm a little worried to try it out. Thoughts?
  14. 50 is good, and 82 is alright. Don't trip only 10 day, they'll get bigger. And yeah I think ganga is right 7" is really close unless you have quantum boards. The purple edge I have no clue, its not just the hue of your lights? I use General Hydroponics too, I usually wait until there is two to three nodes sites, sometimes 4, then I feed and top it. Never tried the seedling cycle. Anyway good luck man, shoot some pics in a week, I'd like to see how they'll do.
  15. I have the GO box and in soil so not sure if I can answer that. ive also heard to wait tho. on mine ive add .25 ml to squirt bottle and watered with that a couple times but just c how it looks in couple days. ill post pic of mine in a bit if u like.
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  16. Great call on the hue of the light. Took it out to check in "normal" light, and while there's still some purple, it's definitely not as pronounced as when under the light. Lesson learned.. take baby out of crazy lights when checking for colour lol.

    I'll touch base in a week or so with some updates. Will probably start a journal of sorts out of personal interest.
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  17. I'd love to see it bro, if that's not a problem.
  18. ok here are afew pics. sorry didn't feel like taking them out. my 2 girls(couple lil cups in there as well. They are on wk 4 almost 5. I no temp. is really hot to but it was 84.3 when I opened the door. 7-5.jpeg 7-5a.jpeg 7-5b.jpeg
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  19. Damn! Looking great man!

    This makes me wonder how mine ever going to reach that in another 4 weeks lol. Seriously though. I'm 10 days in, and you're at 4/5 weeks? Is there some sort of growth spurt I should be expecting?

    I apologize for being such a newbie. Patience is a virtue that few have.. especially me lol
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  20. This is my first also. well I'm not sure how old they are from seed. seeing that I didn't have anything to grow with when roommate planted them but they are that old since under the light. they had first single leaf and next set really small then I started veg. and yes they took off like crazy. seems slow at first but wow!!!! this was almost 3wk ago 6-14b.jpeg on the 14th and this was the 23rd 6-23A-1.jpeg
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