First-timer: Indoor, CFL, and organic.

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  1. Hey everyone!Though I've grown some fruits and veggies this will be my first experience growing an herb. ;)I chose Lemon Kush. Since it's my first time, I'm starting off with only one plant to try and minimize costly mistakes. I've sourced organic ingredients from a locally owned garden store to use as a grow medium and have the little lady (hopefully a lady) in a 5gal bucket with drainage holes in the bottom. Also, I'm using two 100wt equivalent "sunlight" color CFLs for lighting. We are a little past a week since breaking ground and already have a question, haha. :rolleyes:Although the nodes seem to be pretty tight, the initial growth under the cotyledon left a long stalk. Essentially, my question is, should I worry about this? I plan on LSTing the plant, but I feel like I should bury the plant a bit further into the soil therefore establishing a lower center of gravity and stronger root system in hopes of a sturdier plant in the long run. I plan on doing this tomorrow so let me know if it's a bad idea. I appreciate any positive feedback and hope y'all will join me in this adventure. :D
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