First timer in need of HELP!!!!

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  1. Ok lets begin with i am an idiot, but a fast learner. I am going to be starting on building a PC box with 2 70w bulbs in the top. a pc fan in the original fan slot and another in the opposite side of the box (on a wall not out the front). I'm painting the ENTIRE inside of the box base white and will be caulking all spaces where light escape. i would like to grow a plant using the LST system (believe me this lingo is all learned today). this is my first time and honestly i have NO idea what i am doing and basically here is my list of growing questions. The size of my grow box is about 2' tall, 3' wide and 1' deep.

    1. what are the light cycles for the plants from start to finish?
    2. What is a ballpark yield i can expect from a single plant? (I know its not pounds but I need to know if it is worth it.)
    3. what are the best chemicals and fertilizers to use.
    4. What is the best way to germinate my seeds? (IE. straight to soil or wet towels?)
    5. is my box big enough to do a FULL LST grow inside of it.
    6. What is the length of time i can expect for a full grow cycle. (i know 4 months from start to smoke but how long for germination to cutting buds only.
    7. If i build 3 boxes is it feasable to have one for cloning, growing, and flowering, and maybe a fourth for drying???

    If you only leave me a link to where i can find this out is fine but these are the specific questions i can not seem to find. Any extra advice will be well appreciated and i will post a grow journal when i have finished my first grow including everything so others can hopefully use the same.
  2. I'll answer some of these questions the best I can but I know nothing of growing in such a small area.

    1. Standard cycles are 18/6 veg and 12/12 flower
    2. In such a small area with those lights, 1 oz maybe
    3. So many options
    4. Soak in a cup for 24 hours than place in a moist towel
    5. Yep
    6. Depends
    7. Yep

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