First timer, how much longer?

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  1. hey there guys. let me clear up a couple things.

    i realize i have a pretty ghetto set up, its my first time. please be kind! im planning on improving the grow next time i do it with an actual grow box and some organization.

    right now im running:

    2 females in dirt from some middies bagseed (oldest one hermied but i managed to pick off the male parts, still got some seeds :mad:. other younger plant looks like sensi to me. thank god.)
    started them outside in late june, brought them inside to flower on july 22nd (thats when the light cycle changed, saw preflowers about 4 days after that.

    running 3 42 watt cfl bulbs and 2 26 watters, mixed up the spectrum some to get (hopefully) better results.

    just curious as to how long you think these girls have left to go since i am of the untrained eye when it comes to this! smell is getting potent and trichromes are appearing. should i start flushing yet or keep fertilizing?

    (ps, the younger one seems to have some yellowing/curling going on with the leaves. any ideas?)

    ive got pictures of the overall setup, and close ups of the elder and younger one. shorter is younger obviously (got thrown into light cycle about a week after the first)

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  2. i cant honestly tell but go by about 8-10 weeks from when u put them on 12/12. or when the trichromes are cloudy
  3. Your nutrients look to be a little heavy so I would just water next one or two times without nutrients... Also you have about a month left and you will know from the post above is right.
  4. they look quite sexy to me haha
  5. god damn good job man!!! for a first timer i would say your doing great. my first time was soooo meager, but anyhow i agree your a little heavy on the fert. and the easiest way to tell if your plants are ready is to look at the white hairs.. when roughly 60%turn brown shes ready. if you want to get super picky get a mag. glass and look at the crystals when they appear milkey or possible slightly amber then shes REALLY ready!!! good luck man!!!

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