first timer here

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mopreem, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. ok so here is my set up lol

    1 cardboard box (roughly 2 feet long and 1 1/2 feet wide and about 14-15 inches deep)

    8-lights of america fluros (2feet each)

    5-eight inch pots

    soil-miracle grow organic pottin soil

    nutrients- some miracle grow stuff for flowers and veggies( i havent used it yet)





    Now this is just a trail run i actually have a hydrohut and will be getting some pretty cool clones from my buddy, he has to get some from his circle of friends but if all goes well i think i will have some blueberry,trainwreck,bubblejack,and maybe a nl cross not sure what.

    i will be eventually running a 600 hps looking and shopping for the best setup there are many to choose from and i will be going with a vortex inline fan. and i have some ideas on nutes but that whole setup will be it's own thread

    but for now this is what i got going on, i think not to bad for a first grow, what do you think?

    oh yeah they are 3 weeks in the dirt going into he fourth week
  2. Looks good, what wattage are your fluros and how many kelvins are they (2700k or 6500k)? I'd suggest getting rid of the tin foil though as it really doesn't work.

  3. these particular fluros are 17 watts a piece, and i just read up on it it acually only has 1200 or somthing like that as far as lumens go. oh well i will be getting my 600 here soon so no worries. thanks for the foil advice i guess i'll just take it off.

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