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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TerpLover, May 14, 2017.

  1. So this is my first grow and thought I would share with everyone. Just a little bag seed to start with before I pop some Heaven Haze and Amnesia Haze into the soil from seedsman. So far I'm on day 10 from sprouting under a Viparspectra 450 with FFOF soil. I will keep it updated since I take a daily picture of how it's doing. Fingers are crossed I have a female on my hands.

    Transplanted from my solo cup this morning and roots looked amazing and healthy. The 3 gallon pot will be the final home since I'm limited on space. Tent will be on the way soon but wont use it until this grow is over with.
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  2. How often are you watering that seedling? Did you make any drainage holes in the cup? Looks like it might be dampening off.
  3. Every 3 or 4 days. I would dig down into the soil and make sure it was drying out under the top. This was just a couple of days ago all perked up.
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  4. Also yes i did make holes in the bottom for it to drain off
  5. I dont think its dampening off yet but god damn thats some wet soil. Cut back on the water fam. they like dry soil every now and then.

    its okay we all did it with first grows youre so eager and want the best for it, and when that happens you become what I call "overmothering" weed is a plant it grows itself practically, water when to pot or cup is light, make sure it has drainage holes too
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  6. Well the pic was taken just moments after the transplant into the 3 gallon pot. Could that possibly be why it is making you think its overly wet?
  7. i know soil and containers and stuff are always different but i only water little seedlings like ,maybe, once a week

    but it looks like you're doing fine. looks like you got a good light too. good luck dude!
  8. im going based on the leaves if it dries before the next watering they will perk up! you're fine dude!
  9. Yea i am going to let it dry out as much as it can bare before watering ago.
  10. Thanks! I didn't have a lot to spend on a light just now and figured this would be a good starter light. When i finallt get my feet wet I'll probably use it for veg and something better in my flowering tent.
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  11. yeah depending on the area of your grow it'll work good. with some training, like a scrog, you can get a use it in a bit bigger area in my opinion maybe 3x3 tops. i have one thats pretty much the same specs just different brand in a 2ftx2ft tent and its very nice. compares to my 400w hps id say
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