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  1. Whats up GC? This is my first attempt to bring plants to fruition, we will see how that goes. Anyhoo, my plants enjoyed good vegging growth for about two weeks, and at that point many of them looked about ready to be transplanted. I moved them one by one as they got large enough into 8" pots (which now I realize are way too small) and had to add more Miracle Grow soil, this time it was the moisture control kind because I couldn't get the regular potting soil. Well, now, a little more than one week later, although they have grown considerably, are showing some considerable signs of what I think is nutrient burn. This is adding to the discoloration that was caused by the Mg deficiency about 2 weeks ago, but now the lower leaves are extremely crispy to the touch and crumble when I try to feel them.

    Some strains are taking it better than others: Four of the White Rhinos are between 7 to 9 inches, very bushy and beautiful, but the bottom leaves are very affected, and although they are growing quickly I am worried the problem will spread. The fifth White Rhino is not growing nearly as fast and is not nearly as bushy, I may end up scrapping it. The Sharks Breath is doing well, about 7" in height, but has very small, localized burns on the lowest leaves. The Hawaiian Snow is doing terrible (was the last to germinate) and is only about 3", has very asymmetrical leaves, but only one of the lower leaves have started to get affected. Is it a mutant or something? It really looks funny, with some leaves having only two 'fingers', when there should be three. The Church is quite heavily affected, about half of the lower leaves are yellow and brown completely, and has not grown much at all. The Cole Train is doing decent, still growing, but it is definitely affected. Overall, the White Rhinos seem to be the most resilient, still growing big and bushy even with the burns.

    I must admit I'm not sure if it is in fact nutrient burn that is afflicting my plants, and I really don't know what to do. I'm hoping that it's a temporary response to the transplanting and the sudden rush of new nutrients from the new soil, and that it will fix itself with time. Should I just monitor their growth and hope this will pass?

    Sorry for the long post!:eek:
    The real reason I am posting here is to get some advice with growing outdoors. Hypothetically I can access my spots about once every 7-10 days. Keeping the weather patterns for the north east in mind, should I put them in large pots or put them in the ground? I'm worried about animals and stuff nibbling on my plants, what precautions should I use? I don't think putting up a chicken wire or anything tall is a good idea, but what results have you guys had with urine, lime, moth balls spread around a perimeter, that kind of stuff? My biggest fear here is being weeks away from harvest and having a hungry bear or deer tear them up just because they smell sooo good :smoking:. Well anyways I hope GC can give a first-timer some advice, I hope to someday be an expert and be able to help others cultivate. Live on, green goddess!
  2. anybody have any advice?

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