First Timer - do I have everything I need?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by john titor, May 23, 2010.

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    I have a walk-in closet in my bathroom and I am going to be growing 4 plants.

    Light: I have a Feliz 250W 6500k - supposedly 16k lumens. Using the feliz self-ballasted lamp with a brightwing. I am thinking about adding another bright wing and another feliz 250w and growing 6 or 8 plants, but for my first grow I'm going to go with four and see how I do. when I start flowering, I will be switching the lamp to a feliz 250w 2700k red spectrum.

    Soil: I am using a mostly inert mixture - 50% vermiculite, 25% perlite, 25% organic worm castings. it's fairly light weight and holds in a lot of water. I really do not want to run into a pest problem so I decided to go with mostly inert medium. The pots are 3 qt., sitting on top of some stones in trays for drainage.


    Nutes: using 7-9-5 for germ and veg, and then 3-12-6 for flowering. I only have about 2.5 ft to work with on my shelf, but on the other wall I have a space the same depth but 5 ft + high, where I will move them for 12-12 flowering. I am planning on 24 hours of light during veg, since I am using flourescent light and heat is less of an issue.


    I haven't gotten a fan yet but I'm planning on using a regular desk fan on the shelf next to the pots.


    am I missing anything? any suggestions for odor control? I was looking at cheap ion generators on the net - do these work? I think I also need some weather stripping for when I go 12-12 because the closet door doesnt quite close all the way and there is a tiny bit of light in there (but only during the day).
  2. Looks pretty good so far. My only advice would be to go with bigger pots, like 2-3 gallon minimum. If the roots get bound up, it can stunt the plant's growth. Should get four nice plants with that set-up!

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