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First-TImer, Didn't Get Stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoker John, May 27, 2010.

  1. Recently I had my first experience with weed. I felt quite light headed and I think I felt a little bit happier, but I didn't really feel stoned. Is this because it's my first time?
  2. maybe ya, try inhaling deeper, and holding the hits in (even though itll hurt your lungs a lot). i didnt get full on stoned until like my 8th time, but man it was worth it :smoking:
  3. Hm, idk my first time i was stoned out of my mind.
    It could be the bud you smoked. I could have been low middies :D
    Try it again, with beasters or headies
  4. yeah most likely, it took me 4 or 5 times to get high
  5. it took me like 10 times....and trust me, i was doin erythin right
  6. Because you didn't inhale right. For us to further assist you, please answer the following:

    1) What did you smoke out of? (joint, bowl, bong, blunt.. etc)
    2) What type of weed were you smoking? (dirt, mid, dank.. etc)
    3) Were you taking full breaths with each hit and holding it in for at least 5 seconds?

  7. I don't understand this idea of not getting high your first time. :confused:
    You don't ever hear about someone not getting drunk their first time drinking. :confused:

    I think you did something wrong. Or you were smoking something that wasn't cannabis.
  8. I got high my first time thank god! :D

    Dont give up though even if it takes you 100 times..Itll be worth it. Trust me.
  9. i didn't feel shit the first time i smoked.

  10. Lol. That sounds like you were smoking tobacco:D
  11. Take your hit then inhale oxygen afterwards to push the smoke into your lungs. Hold for five seconds and exhale through your nose.
  12. I didnt get high my first time but then again it was only a little bit and I am pretty sure I am heavyweight :(
  13. I had to smoke weed 13 times prior to actually, "getting high". But it's hard to tell if you're high before you actually been high. My 3rd time smoking was the highest i ever been it was insane... lol
  14. I didn't get high my first time... Most likely you didnt inhale enough.
    You'll get it soon!!!
  15. My first time was rather scary, it ended with me and my buddy fearing a religious dude was trying to break into the house so he ended up with his pistol. Still scared from that, but the guy was stalking the house looking through windows and what not.
  16. I didn't get stoned for my first time either, and I had smoked other things so I knew how to inhale and I wasn't nervous or anything. The second time I really wanted to get stoned so I ended up smoking a lot and just got a little buzzed (didn't trip out or anything just heard noises and got the munchies). I know there is no scientific evidence to show that you can't get high the first time, I think it must be true since nobody ever gets high the first time, never seen it happen, ever.
  17. I got rediculously stoned my first time. But yeah not everyone does. I smoked up my friend his first time and we smoked a lot. He probly took like 20 hits, but he wasn't high. He said he maybe felt a little buzzed, like drunk. But that's cuz he just had no idea what to expect i think.
    I can't imagine how some people here say they didn't get high till the 10th time. wtf?
  18. Took me 4 or 5 tries to get high. You just have to break your THC barrier and learn the proper technique. I read an essay about Carl Sagan where it said that he also took 4 or 5 tries to actually get high.
  19. Haha, damn I didn't think that happened to that many people. I got insanely blazed my first time. That might have something to do with the fact that I smoked nearly a joint to the face.

    It was kind of strange though, there were a few times where I would feel completely sober for like 10 seconds then just totally feel roasted again.
  20. Its not anything to be worried about. Happened to me the first time too. Just don't worry about it, try it again and see what happens.

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