First timer... Couple of questions

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  1. I've got 4 strains going on, vegging on solo cups, this strain is growing fast but she looks kind of sad compared to the others... I've got some beginner questions

    When should I transplant from solo to pots? (Some of the roots are really tied to the cup I'm a little worried)

    Should I start using nutes by the third week (canna Terra soil and just water every 1-2 days) might this be the reason she is looking down?

    Should I top or FIM after or before I transplant the babies
    The strains are Sharks breath, Trainwreck, bid gun auto and the sad big girl tha shiznit

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  2. definitely time to transplant, your baby girl needs more room to grow and if you haven't fed yet its time if your on your third week. 
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    .... are these plants showing signs of needing food.......... thought you would know better.......

    OP, transplant, allow them to settlea few days then top/fim or do w/e you feel. If you top or fim and then transplant, you are risking extra shock and possible herming or even death.
  4. after 3 weeks me personally would want them in bigger pots even if there a bit small for the sole reason of quicker growth. i meant to say if you haven't started feeding yet its "probably" time but only you and your babies know that.
  5. Bigger pot needed stat OP.....then low dose nutes, top or fim a week after transplant :)

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