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  1. I have been growing over a year now and have only been doing soil, i have had a few batches of root organic that have gone acidic on me, and i want to get something that works better gives me more control and i can reduce the veg time done to 30 days. So i am going to try coco and i am leaning toward either floraflex 8" pot setup and running 6-8 per 4x4 tent or using 4-6 three gallon fabric pots with blumat in a 4x4 tent, with about 3/4th coco to 1/4th perlite mix, and using megacrop as my feed. If anyone is using floraflex's setups how do they work? Do you like it, any major problems? Anyone running blumat, any issues i should know other then needing to dial it in just right? Also i know that pot size, and the amount of roots really contribute to the amount produced, but does that really matter in a coco setup?
  2. I've grown in coco for many years but I have no experience with automatic feeding - I have always fed by hand.
    Good luck to you.
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