First timer!! Cant find the answer to my question anywhere..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iudsis1120a, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. ok I got 2 4 foot 32w daylight 6500k fluorescent bulbs over my 10 seedlings... 10 out of 10 popped open...5 out of 10 are about 2 inches tall with tiny leaves on em.. it will be grown indoors hydroponically. they are in grow cubes now... i mist them couple times a day.. temp is 80 and humidity is 38% which i think is low... need some productive critisism...and at what point do i put them in my veg room with a 400 watt mh? and how many will the 400 watt grow? thanks guys:wave:
  2. You can put them under the 400 watter right now, just make sure it's high up there so they don't get burned. The 400 watter will work fine for up to 7 plants, maybe more but that'd be pushing it. Good luck!
  3. damn that was quick! hahaha ok will that just make it grow quicker by doing that?
  4. Definetely! The more light the better.

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