First timer: Are they done?

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    Under 1000 watt cooltube in 4x4 grow tent. Today is the first day of week 11, or the 7th week of flowering.

    First plant and first picture has a lot of red and orange hairs (80%) but is just developing milky trichs.

    Second plant and second picture is hard for me to tell. The trichs still look somewhat transparent.
    Any opinions appreciated

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  2. They sure look pretty damn close to me, if anything maybe another week or so..

    But really at this point its up to you, either wait for some amber trics to show up or wait until they are mostly milky then I am sure its pretty prime, it looks great!
  3. Thanks for the feedback my man. Any other opinions still appreciated.
  4. Like first guy said its up to you now. Let us know how it smokes!
  5. When in doubt...give it another week.
  6. still alot of white hairs id say 2 lil under 14 DAYS
  7. Thanks for the help. I'll keep you guys updated.
  8. I haven't checked the trichomes lately but the fan leaves are dying like crazy. I can't tell if I should harvest yet at only 53 days into flower.
  9. Hey Bro

    Its OK that your fan leaves are dying as long as the bud looks ok don't harvest yet!

    The last final weeks are excruciating to wait I know but this is when the density of your buds come in when they swell before they finish their very last attempt at reproducing.

    I am on day 52 myself and plan on 10 more days
  10. Excruciating is a great word for that feeling. I will continue to let them grow until the trichomes tell me its time to chop em down.
    Thanks for the advice sinister, I appreciate it.
  11. On the second Pic most of the hairs are white. I would give her another week as others said but you are also correct to check the trichomes lol

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