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  1. THE literally first grow from seeds in some bud I purchased and smoked, Sour diesels and one mystery plant, I got some super soil coming and better intake and a 300w led grow light coming with great ppfd, (using a 32w led grow light atm, could possibly be the problem) I just wanna see some opinions and what's going on with my plant/plants. Just topped All of them last night for 1st time. Any steps I should be taking ? 2 gal buckets coming tomorrow but I know only a few are staying in here 2'x2'x6' SOG vs Scrog vs Traditional I wanna hear it all if possible! I KNOW I KNOW I GOT SUPER SOIL COMING ! but for everyone to help me I am using miracle gro & veg time 6 weeks 18-6 light schedule Thank you for your precious time!

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  2. That 2nd pic looks like it’s already trying to flower.
    Nowhere near enough light bro, they have stretched like crazy.
    You may have auto flower plants or photo period plants depending on the parents.
    Probably too late for the auto’s to produce a worthwhile amount.
    Focus on the photo period ones (females)
    You will be able to rescue those with better lighting. Good luck
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  3. Okay thank you thank you, should the white hairs not be on it already in the vegetative state ? Should I just go ahead and flower all of them then ? I'm going to be putting a few in 2 gal buckets wit super soil once it gets here under300w led full spectrum light wit great ppfd so hopefully that helps a lot but they are sour diesels so I expected to grow tall sativa's
  4. Up your pot size it looks like there in solo cups now, its gonna get root bound and you will have a whole new slew of problems on your hands.
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  5. How old are they ?
  6. Yes about 6 weeks veg and about 10-11 inches in height besides one of them might be an indica not sure it's a mystery seed lol, but will pot up tomorrow when the buckets get here they had none local -.-
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  7. 6 weeks, bigger pots and better light coming for sure I was just confused I topped last night and now one of them is looking super wilty and the bottom leaves kinda curling turning brighter green dying
  8. Six week veg under good light.

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  9. Could be nutrient deficiency, and in need of water.
  10. Oh my goodness lmao & what strain is that ? Yeah once I started reading the light situation I ordered a 300w vivosun has good ppfd I see I'm using a 32w from home Depot but I see it's nowhere near enough
  11. Yeah.. I currently have them in miracle gro which later realized wasn't the best. Going to pot up tomorrow with super soil and 300w light hopefully everything straightens out
  12. As for growing it, should I just top them and grow regularly or should I use a Scrog method ? Like from what I'm seeing if I let them grow tall the lower buds won't be as great but I got a 2' width by 2' length by 6' height if I bring it down a few feet then I could do a scrog like what's better
  13. Orange hill special, from Dutch passion.
    Yeah, light and nutrients are key factors in the garden. (Amongs other things) but you will get the swing of it, with patience.
  14. hell yeah enjoy those buds! I will post at the end of the growth see how they turn out
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  15. If amount is what you’re after, Scrog is the way to go, but there are drawbacks with the longer time scale vegging to fill the Scrog net.
  16. Gotcha gotcha, all makes kinda sense now just been researching a whole lot and figured I ask for some feedback, thank you so much for your time!
  17. No worries bro

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