First timer and i have a question about outside growing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dimachka86, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. hey guys whats up
    will this is my question
    I just planted 6 seed in my neighbor yeird and they dont know about it
    They wont find it because hey have a huge yeird and they have about 1/2 acre of woods in there back yeird so they wont find it
    but i cant let it grow too 6 or 7 feet
    will the question is "how long do i have too wait before i can cut and smoke it , or do i have to let it grow alll out before i smoke it, i know it wont be as much but it will be some thing and then i know for sure i wont get caught and btw i cant let it grow past 4 feet?"
  2. usually takes 2-3 months. you should harvest before first frost for your area. there are some methods to limit size, someone here may be able to help ya.

    rock on planting in the neighbors yard 8)
  3. does anyone know whats the min. size before you can smoke it?
  4. you could grow a plant that is only 6 inches tall and be able to smoke it if it has buds and if it is at the right time u should just read everything you can about growing but as far as i can think of u might not get much but its only ur first grow
  5. sooo as long as the plant has buds its smokable....but if a plant if 6in it probly wont have buds right?
  6. the plant goes through vegetative growth, where it just grows and doesn't produce buds.

    then it goes through flowering. it pretty much stops growing, except for a stretch in the beginning of flowering, and it now produces buds.
  7. dimachka, read the FAQs, FGS.
  8. dude PERFECT time for fimming and lst
  9. As a beginner you probably don´t know what fimming is. Lots on this sort of stuff in the FAQs.
  10. ooh ok thanks guys, i have 1 more question can you smoke the leafs if there are no bud, i know bud are the good shit but does the leafs get you high?
  11. No, there is almost no THC in the leaves.
  12. If you want to keep them small you could probably just prun them in a major way. That would give you more buds to. . .

  13. No do NOT prune your plant. If you want it to grow large, put it in a large pot. If you want to keep it small (and why would you want to do that?) keep it in a small pot. If you are worried people might see you are growing a pot plant, tie it down.
    But if you are growing outside, it will start to flower early August, this is because the days are getting shorter, and has NOTHING to do with the size of the plant. Read the FAQs.
  14. yup pruning will fuck up your plant and might even stunt its growth.. thats for outdoor its perfectly fine for indoor

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