First timer 2 weeks from harvest and having a meltdown!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by john delorenzo, May 15, 2010.

  1. 10 plants about 2 weeks from cutting and today upon close examination I have two large budsites on two different plants producing seeds!!!! Only a couple on each bud but seeds nonetheless! I had an incident about 3 or 4 weeks ago where I left one overhead 23 watt bulb on overnight about 5' away from the plants and have been inspecting for evidence of hermies (male flowers) ever since and have seen none. None of the other plants shows any evidence of being pollinated as of yet.

    I am in a panic after a rather eventless first stab at this. Do I harvest the seeded plants right now? Trichs are 90% cloudy and 10% amber, btw, on these two plants, and they are about two weeks older than the others. Is there any danger in leaving these plants with the others if I am certain these aren't hermies?

    Last but not least, I had raised this point once before, and no one really responded, but the handling of my plant discipline has been about the poorest aspect of my well researched first grow. Is it possible that I only see evidence of pollination on bud sites I may have handled with pollen from bag weed on my fingers? After all, I know pollen spores (or whatever they are called) survive thousands of years in Egyptian tombs and nuclear fallout as well. So it would make sense that it could be (foolishly) transferred from bag weed to flolwer, no?

    Am I screwed? Are all my plants screwed? Is my grow room screwed? Please help!
  2. Sorry I can't help you here but would be interested to know. Any help here GC?
  3. Leaving your light on caused your plant to hermie. The seeds you have are technically feminized, but without being stabalized, they'll just grow up to be more hermies.

    Don't worry about it bro. Just take this as a lesson and smoke your still very dank homegrown. (and it should go without saying, don't let it happen next grow :p )

    Immediate action would be to mist your room to try to capture any pollen floating in the air, but if you already have seeds, it's too late for that. Just clean your room after your harvest.

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