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First Time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewbToke, May 11, 2011.

  1. Ive never smoke weed b4 but ate seeds and had weed brownies any tips for a newb anything would be good
  2. Seeds don't do shit. How was your 'brownie' experience.
  3. Chewing seeds won't do shit.
    Brownies are always fun.
  4. One of my favorite past times is ingesting marijuana seeds as well
  5. LMFAO!!
    This guy!!
    Eating seeds and shit
  6. I honestly don't get what you need to know.

    Inhale, exhale. expect coughing.

  7. i love the way you put that.:smoke:
  8. Yall ever try lsd or acid or extacsy but like i wanted to know ways to hide it and the brownie experience was really nice i GOT SO BAKED LOL
  9. Ways to hide weed? Well you want to keep it somewhere relatively cool and dark. I just keep mine in brown paper envelopes (and inside baggies) in the back of one of my draws.
  10. NewbToke I have a question for you.
    Are you black? Jw.

  11. I've tried both LSD and acid. LSD sucked but acid was awesome. *palms face*

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