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first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bandie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. so i'm gonna smoke pot
    but i really dont know how

    i'm a newbbbb

    i was wondering should i just do it by myself
    or have one of my close friends 'teach me'

    and also how should i use my first time and
    how much should i buy for me (never used before)
    and my friend, (social smoker)
    for one night; and no more
  2. Dont buy it alone b/c usually (Here) dealers take advantage of the noob smokers. Do it with someone experienced.
  3. yea, go with someone who knows wats up, if ur smokin swag u can buy more but u still wont need much, also dont smoke outta stupid shit if u can help it, take a few hits and chill, dont be pressured into smokin more

    let urself get used to the feelin, and remember no matter how high u get...its just weed.
  4. Go with someone you trust, in a non-sketch place, and get him to teach you, and go for it. Best way, don't be scared. Nothing scary really. Buy an eighth if your going to buy, and smoke like 4 or 5 good hits, or until you feel ok. It doesn't take very long for weed to kick in. Haha.
  5. am i going to get high my first time?
    someone told me i wont?
  6. na, neewbies, either dont smoke correctly or smoke too much and dont realize that they are high...or they just dont realize it, if ur a neewbie, as long as its real weed, u'll be high in no more than 5 hits, most likely less
  7. Yea you will be. Go with someone you trust, and buy a sack. Go with him and smoke. Make sure you inhale it, and don't keep it in your mouth, thats usually the main reasons why first time smokers don't get high. Keep it in, inahle it right, and most importantly just enjoy yourself. Don't get super fucked up, just smoke enough till you feel good, or great. Have fun, good luck :hello:
  8. Spend about $20 on a dub or mids or maybe a nice solid gram of some fire dank. make sure you have someone experienced with you when you buy it. like everyone else says, be sure to inhale it all the way: its better to hold a medium hit for 6 seconds than it is to hold a HUGE ass hit for half a second and cought it up.
  9. you shouldnt smoke alone your first time. def smoke with a friend. and personally i dont beleive in the "yuou dont get high the first time" i got high my first time and ive smoked up noobs who got high their first time. its a matter of smoking correctly. now believe your prolly less high and it may take you longer to get high due to improper technique, but i dont see how never having thc in your system before somewhoe prevents you from getting high. after all isnt that why people take t breaks?

    sorry for no caps. but not sorry enough to be less lazy

    edit: oh ya and to address your question of how much to buy, again dont buy some and smoke with someone. itd be better to get in on someone elses stash and just throw down. that way they can show you the ways. or if all your friends are dry ask one of them to smoke with you and youll buy the weed. this time. dont let them take advantage obv.

  10. I just wanted to clarify one thing for you. You never use Marijuana you smoke Marijuana. So you would want to say how do I smoke it for my first time. I have never smoked before etc. Its like booze you would never say I have never used beer before, you would say I have never drank beer before.

  11. what if he said how should i smoke marijuana my first time? and i said the best way is to eat it. that wouldnt rele make sense. marijuana can be consumed a lot more ways than beer. marijuana and beer are completely different.
  12. You can say you are "using" marijuana.
  13. ur splittin hairs dude
  14. #14 VT_killah, Sep 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2009
    People use the word "use" for drugs obviously, stop trying to sound smart (its embarrassing when you actually aren't). Hence the reason people call drug addicts "drug users" or "users" due to the SEVERAL ways you can use weed. I haven't smoked in 2 weeks but I've gotten high every day...

    As for the OP. My first time I got a good friend who smoked to do it with me, we both pitched in $10 and bought a dub. Try to smoke it out of glass or have a friend roll it into a joint or something etc. I'd suggest doing it at your own place on a day you have nothing to do at all later. Also, I would do it earlier in the day rather than at night so you can get the full effect (sometimes being really tired at night smoking can make you feel loopy etc.)

    Also, you're not high if you have to say "Am I high?" Trust me, if you're high you'll know.

  15. what the fuck are you quoting me for? and your username makes you an asshole.
  16. This is a free forum where you are not the admin so you can be quoted as many times as anyone wants and usernames don't make people assholes.

    @ the op, smoking is just like breathing, take a breath of smoke and hold it in your lungs for about 10 seconds.
  17. well you would only need a gram
    try and get some nice stuff aka dank, headies fire bout 20 a gram
    and make sure you inhale
    the easiest way to do it is to suck in smoke inot your mouth then just breath in take a deep breath thou
    then hold for a few seconds 3-5 then exhale
  18. well we would be eating it now wouldnt we?

  19. . . .yes. i dont understand your question.
  20. what will it be like my first time?
    what should i expect?
    not expect?

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