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First Time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rockies11, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. probably gonna smoke some chronic this week and was wondering what i should wrap it in.

    i heard u can smoke it in a soda can. does it really work and i heard you can roll it in a gum wrapper. PLZ let me know whats better. and another question. i bought some chronic for 10 buks a nug. i was wondering if thats good or not seems pretty cheep to me. let me no
  2. No gum wrappers or soda cans.

    Use actual rolling pape if you're gonna wrap.

    Use the search button to look up a Sobe Waterfall Bong if you're not.

    Happy and safe DIY, always. :hello:
  3. Without a pic its going to be damn near impossible to assess the quality of that chronic! :smoke:

    Share that love, post us a photo.
  4. ^^^ I agree with this fine fellow, here. :hello:
  5. get some papers, or a cheap metal pipe at your local smoke shop for 5 bucks. you'd have to get screens and those are super cheap.
  6. ^^^
    What he said. Get a cheap pipe, break it up a bit, put it in, smoke it. Make sure you actually INHALE all of it and learn how much youre gonna get with how much you lit it. Post how you feel afterwards :)
  7. Do not use a soda can

    Do not use a gum wrapper

    Rolling papers are like $1.25

    The wizard has spoken
  8. go buy some rolling paper. their super cheap but you have to be 18 in most states, so if your like 16 then just pay a person that looks about 20ish to buy them for you. say you'll pay him for the papers and 5 extra bucks.

    DONT smoke from a soda can, gum rapper, or a receipt. that shit is super bad for you. if worst comes to worst smoke from an apple, thats always good.
  9. I always wanted to try that. Does the apple flavour it in anyway?
  10. buy sum papers...soda can is a last resort
  11. actually it does a lot of the time
  12. just make a gb. take a soda or gatorade bottle and at the bottom make a small hole with a hot paper clip. make it bigger and bigger until you can fit a homemade bowl into it. an easy homemade bowl can be made from a rachet and a screen from an earbud. not fancy but thats what took my virginity.
  13. Or just do it with people who know what they're doing. Its alot easier to catch on from watching
    well at least I think so anyways.
  14. Yeah, i wouldn't recommend gum wrappers because they have a wax coating on the inside of them, and smoking wax is not good. At least i think they have a wax lining, i know wrappers for cough drops do, i cant remember i'm too stoned hahaha, oh well its not worth it either way. Buy rolling papers if you're able. Soda cans work, but they're unpleasantly ghetto, and the hits are never that amazing. If you really wanted to you could look up how to make a soda bottle bong, or you could even just make a chillum if you wanted to. Your best bet is to just smoke with someone who has for a while, they'll set you up and you'll be good to go. Good luck man, happy toking.
  15. i would actually suggest the sobe waterfall.
    all you need is tape, a knife, socket, and a sobe bottle.

    plus it will get you stoned out of your mind.
  16. I smoked from many soda cans from ages 12-16 whenever I didn't have a legitimate bowl or wrap. You can get some beast hits off of them if you know how to do it right, much bigger than blunt/joint hits.
  17. ^^^^for sure if ya get a big enough carb on it you can hit a soda can and gat a pretty fat hit.
  18. I used to LOVE the Sobe bottle bong. That thing was sooo awsome. All you need is a Sobe bottle and a pocket knife (at least that's all I used). You break a little piece of glass on the bottom, make a dent in the lid and poke holes in the top. Then fill it with water, put some weed on top, light it, and let the water pour out the bottom. Then unscrew the cap and suck the smoke out.

  19. sounds harsh man, there is plastic connected to those lids.

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