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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.Johnson, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Suppose I knew someone growing and they had a couple of plants, one of which was 8 ft tall and had many young buds on it. Can someone tell me when It should be harvested? I can't take pictures of it to post nor do I have a magnifying glass to look for trichromes.The buds are kinda small but there are lots of white hairs that are turning brown. The buds just arent huge like some of the pictures on here. Help please :D
  2. Cant See Any Buds On These Pics..
  3. If the buds are developed like in those pictures, then you will have enough time to go down to the dollar store or walamart or megalomart etc. and pick up a cheap magnifying glass.

    Failing that, when the buds fatten up and the pistals are mostly brown (red) and beginning to retract is a good time to harvest. You could also pinch a nice sized bud and quick dry it to sample. If you get the buzz you want, cut 'er down.
  4. Radio Shack sells a pocket microscope for $10. Use it to check the trichs and harvest at the right time. It is a very worthwhile investment compared to the value of 8 feet of weed.
  5. Thanks, I havent picked up a magnifying glass yet but I have a pair of trusty binochs! I swear I saw some trichromes with my naked eye this morning - gotta look at it with the binochs.

    Buds are getting fat now due to the rain we got :)
  6. Well that binochular idea was boneheaded. Couldnt see a damn thing :)
    Anyway, I will pick up a magnifyer. Thing is - I can see the trichomes pretty good on my larger plant - but the larger plant doesn't have that great of a bud thickness. My other plant though has some really huge buddage but a serious lack of trichomes.

    Should I go ahead and harvest the larger plant since it has obvious trichomes even though it doesn't have alot of buddage or should I give it more time to bud out?

  7. *** LOL ***
    Not boneheaded idea, boneheaded user.
    Flip the binos around use it in reverse and try again, this time look through the big lenses not the small.
    Picture becomes sharp if you're really close.
  8. hehe. I should have tried that but I think the problem was the condensation in the lense. It went from 50% humidity to over 100% with a 30 degree change in temp when I went outside.

    Ah well, I could see the trichomes without it. Any suggestions based on my question? :)
  9. its going to be hard without seeing a pic, the main thing is check the trichomes, but if the hairs are 3/4 red then it may be ready. try to get some pics
  10. Yeah, I can see the trichomes but there's not a lot yet. The hairs are about half and half so I'm guessing about 2-3 more weeks?

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