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  1. 3x3x6 tent
    2 viparspectra 450 par led
    4 inch inline fan/ carbon filter
    Fox farm standard line nutrients
    Dr. Earth soil/ perlite
    Mix of well water/ RO water

    Started this as a spring time project, I've been into growing vegetables and bonsai trees for most of my life. I feel like my general knowledge of plant growth, root development, and growing techniques are fairly good. I'm a hobbyist with a full time job and avid fish tank junkie. I decided to give this a go and bought everything before I started and did some research. I'm just interested to see how I am doing and open to suggestions.

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  2. How old are the plants in the last picture? Your plants look healthy - good job.
  3. IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0334.JPG Thank you, they are 5 weeks from sprouting in the last picture. The tallest plant is my control of this project I have left it alone for the exception of pruning a few leaves from the base of the plant. The front plant has been only topped once and at the main top. The plant on the left has been topped at the main growth, and two other sights on each side. I purchased seeds for my next go and have received them already. These are bag seeds from some decent stuff I wanted to do a trial run on to see how I made out. Ph water at 6.5, ppm for last two feedings have been around 700. I did have some minor burning on a few nodes. Transplanting to 6 gallon pots on Monday. Also feeding with cal-mag.
  4. IMG_0335.JPG Just an update, had to dial back on my nutrients due to some burning. The new growth came back fine and have been on track again. It's interesting to see how quickly an issue can be addressed if using the proper equipment. Thankful for the ph and tds meter. I switched over to flower about one week ago. IMG_0335.JPG

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