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  1. Hey all so I'm a first time grower and i have 3 bud bling 1 flash bab going. I kept one of the blings indoors to try that out. She's currently under a t5 and going under HPS in a few days for the rest of her grow . I started LST today and I wonder if I'm too early. She's 2.5 weeks old.

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  2. by the looks its a little small its only very young imo,I more than likely would have waited till I had about three sets of true leaves.however let me know how it goes interesting to see.are you going to put it under your hps in a few days?why mate for flowering?3 weeks old bit young to flower not much return with that.if you intend to vegetate with hps I would just stick with t5s theyre a good vegging light, and flower with your hps when theyre ready.good luck these are only my thoughts so don't take it as gospel lol.good luk ,happy growing kiwi mike
  3. They are a little young. The outdoor ones are a bit bigger. I was going to use the HPS becouse she is an auto so her time is pre determined. It's my first time growing so I was hoping the early LST won't stunt growth. I read that LST is better early for autos for less stress
  4. autos
  5. So here is the bling tsing at week 3 from germination. Started to have heat problems so I installed 3 fans pulled out of an old computer and wired to a 12v adapter

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