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  1. Hey I was wondering how everyone reacted the first time they smoked too much and started getting paranoid. What were you paranoid about, did you say you wouldnt smoke again? Also, if it wasnt the same as the first time you were high, what were you thinking about experiencing this new, unpleasant feeling from being high, when being high had been awesome all the times before? Also if it was the same time as the first time you were high what made you keep doing it?
  2. some of the first times i got high, i got really high this time - always smokin dank - and i was playing games and i kept getting tingling feelings on different parts of my body, but it was like itchy kind of and wouldnt go away. So i got hella paranoid, thinkin if it was gunna be like that forever and shit haha. So i tried to go to bed, that didnt work, made me even more paranoid.
  3. Oh yeah I should probably say what happenned to me. I probably thought that I was gonna lose my ability to breathe (I dont actually remember just guessing, cuz that is what i usually get paranoid about when it happpens) but i do remember what my reaction to it was while it was happening. I didnt know that weed could do that actually,- I had no idea at all until it actually happenned to me once, so I was like, wtf this is weed why I am I suffering so much and so scared?
  4. I never really got paranoid till I really got into smoking the first few times I did it I was more focused on smoking then cops man the dumb fucking shit I did lol
  5. The first time I was like BAKED baked a long time ago. I ended up laying on my couch for 3 hours with everything off to try and calm down.

    What a great night..
  6. Getting caught in my dorms at night, always scared with me, waiting to hear some lady knock at your day because the halls smelll.
    And of corse never got in trouble so all those parranoya thoughts were a waste.
  7. I always get paranoid before I smoke cuz I usually gotta plan before my rents get home so I can get fresh and chill out, even in the morning times when they leave you never know when the "oh i forgot something and gotta turn around" happens..been caught a couple times..and then you gotta find a spot to smoke where it would be chill and nobody harass you..but my car is down i trod on long journeys just to least its on the beach..they cant stop me..even if they stopped me!
  8. First time I was paranoid was like my 10th or so time smokin.

    I was like 15 or so at the time, in my house smoking with my seasoned toker of a friend:smoking:.

    After like 2 joints and 1 or 2 bowls he had to go. I got up to take a piss and I was swaying side to side when I was walking like i was drunk. I decided to try and lay down and go to bed but I just kept thinking about swaying like that and that there was something wrong with me.

    I convinced myself I had something stuck in my throat, and I thought I had cotton mouth but I really didn't. I seriously thought that the liquid i felt in my mouth was blood and that I was bleeding internally. I layed in my bed spitting all over my pillow for like 2 hours.

    I tried to focus on the TV but I just couldn't.. I had no idea what was going on and thought I was gonna die. I started telling myself "you're just high, nothings wrong" and finally fell asleep. The next day it felt like it was just a nightmare. The next like 5 or so times I smoked cotton mouth really bothered me and made me feel like I was choking, I just chewed gum and made sure to focus on a game or something if I felt like I was too high again.

    Damn this is alot longer than I thought it would be:hide:
  9. to one of the above posters, if youve been caught and they know, why not just smoke when ever, ibviously they do not care, or is there more...
  10. Being caught doesn't mean they're okay with it though:hello:
  11. word, gotcha man
  12. I've never had a big freakout moment, but about a month ago I was smoking in a car with a few other people and I started getting paranoid thoughts, like I convinced myself that every car I saw was an undercover (they're known to patrol the area so it's not really a silly thought although I know I was bugging). I just thought myself out of it and all was well. :cool:
  13. I've never had a real freakout moment. The closest I've been was at that point where you feel your heart beating really hard. It was pretty fun.

    If you are what you eat, how come I'm not pussy?
  14. I smoked and went to see Fast and the Furious (the one that just came out this year, 2009). Ive seen a lot of movies when high, even horror movies, and I was fine. But maybe I had some good weed or smoked too much, but the previews before the movie seemed to overwhelm my senses. I could feel my heart beating faster and felt like I was going to freak out from the loud music, fast cuts, and crazy action in the previews. I was about to walk out but the the movie started and I was fine. I dunno what happened during the previews.

    and the time I smoked on a train from Budapest to Prague. but that was mostly freaking out because I thought a cop that inspect the train would smell it in the bathroom and start searching every compartment for weed and I would get kicked off the train in the middle of croatia. that was a buzzkill but also very stupid on my part.
  15. I smoked one time in my room and I think I smoked too much, so I went to take a shower, but every time I closed my eyes I freaked out. SO I tried to shower the whole time with my eyes open which hurt..then I got back to my room and was shaking and my brain felt like it was on fire, so I thought I overdosed..then I remembered you can't overdose on marijuana. Then I thought my stuff was laced with something I could over dose on and I was tweaking that my brain was melting. SO I just laid down and tried to calm myself..not fun and I dont know where it came from.
  16. First time i was paranoid was the second time i smoked. Me and my buddy smoked some grapefruit kush, i thought that my lungs were smaller then normal and i thought i was going to suffocate. But it was a good night nonetheless.
  17. LMAO, thats a new one for me... Sounds absolutely terrible...
  18. Lol i've been waiting to share my story, here goes:

    Well i was chilling with some mates before a gig ( ISIS btw ) and we were all smoking indivigual weed etc and i had a blunt and a spliff to myself, not too bad but we were in a kinda of, what i thought to be rough area.
    Well we were in this alley beside a factory along a road and this guy walked past the bushes on our right with a pitbull and looked at us, now this is where things are disputed between my freinds and me, anyway i thought he said '' WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, YOU LITTLE CUNTS?!'
    Haha at this point i just dropped my chips and ran the fuck away with all my freinds completely stunned at wtf was happening.
    I came back after a minute and chilled out :eek:
  19. aw i miss the early days when i never got paranoid. i think it started when i started parking up by myself, i would freak out that someone would come walking past my car and smell it, and secretly call the cops or something and since i was alone there would be no one else to blame it on!
  20. The first time I smoked, I literally started dreaming for about 15 seconds while standing up with my eyes open. I don't know if you can consider it dreaming but I like blacked out in a way but there were still thoughts going through my head. I forget where I was and shit and I didn't know if I was in the real world whenn I was no longewr blacked out

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