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First time you smoked...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Mar 4, 2003.


WhAt DiD yOu SmOkE oUt Of ThE FiRsT TimE u sMokEd???

  1. A fAt AsS bLuNt!

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  2. jOiNt

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  3. hOmEaDe PiPe / BoNg

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  4. BaD aSs PiPe

    0 vote(s)
  5. BaD aSs BoNg

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  6. ThE fUcK iF i ReMeMbEr!!!

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  1. WhAt DiD yOu SmOkE oUt Of , ThE FiRsT tImE YoU sMoKeD wEeD???
  2. It was a very fat ass J!!!

    ...and I was blown away!!!
  3. hhahahahahaha i gottaa love yoou rmjl!!!!
  4. The first time I toked up was a J, but i didn't get high.

    First time I got blazed was from my friend's badass homemade bong.

  5. Doobie, doobie, doo!
  6. i used a J and i guess i wasnt inhalling rite but i didnt get high at all :(
  7. first time i smoked was from a jay at the park with my friends at the young age of 10. Only took me bout 3 hits to get high and ive never been able to get that high again no matter how much i smoked. I guess you can say my body wasnt ready for it cause it was the craziest weed high ive ever had.
  8. a big ol blunt \o/
  9. I don't remember...but I have a pretty good guess....I think it was a glass spoon b/c that's what my stepdad used to always smoke out of, but it could have been his metal one of those two
  10. The ever popular joint. My brother and a friend got a couple pre rolled, and we went to the local elementary schoolyard, and blazed one up. Best high, I've had.
  11. it was my friends brand new chillum, changed from yellow to blue to red or some shit like that. he ended up trading it for a 20 sack the next weekend
  12. an aluminum can, it didn't take me ling to fasion a pipe out of wood for the next time though.
  13. homemde bong, and i tried to live in a bush (not a "president" but plantlife".) then went on to trampoline and somehow damaged myself
  14. hahahahahaha. rotflmao @ moogle. hehe, damaged yerself. hehehe.

    It was @art college. smoked a fatty with just one other guy, hit it really hard and yup.... Whitied! heehee. and to think i went on to become one of the heaviest chongin tokers i know.
  15. A fatass blunt.
    Weird, cause I usually smoke joints.
    Smoked blunt only for a few times.
    but won't ever forget the first time :D
  16. ahh i remeber it like the first time i smoked weed... what... anyways it was a sweet wood pipe called "redeyes" it had this freaky glass eyes on it that changes colors when u smoked it from clear to red. pretty sweet, also saw the most weed i've ever seen there, all in all proly bout a pound or less.

  17. trampolines are dangerous things :D
  18. A few fat ass bowls out of a friends bowl. I think a total of four between three guys each bowl held about nine hits so i had 9 to 12 hits my first time and i didn't think it was doing anything until i stepped out of the truck and felt as if i could barley walk and had the biggest grin on my face.
  19. A weird wrench, had a socket on the one end and was L-shaped... My friend brought it to work and that's where I smoked my first bowl. Got a little buzzed, but not baked... Got totally wasted the next time though. My other friend, myself, and my sister smoked a half ounce of skunky nugs... got wrecked :)
  20. The first time i smoked i used this weird wooden bowl with a built in that i think back it was a pretty nice peice for being all the way though

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