First time you got really high

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  1. There probably is another thread going on somewhere that talks about this but I just want to hear some stories...
    How was your first time high?How did you react and what was going through your head?
    I remember that when I first got really high I had previously smoked two or three times with friends but I really never felt anything apart from lightheadedness.
    I had really started to believe that weed wasn't that powerful or that maybe I had just a natural immunity to it, so one day I was alone and had like 1 gram of weed and some hash that I had bought previously to smoke with my friends but since they didn't know I had it the thought of smoking a whole joint all by myself started to come to my mind... After some minutes of researching what the possible effects of getting too high were(remember this was one of my first interactions with the drug itself) I decided to roll a whole joint with all the weed and hash I had, so I tried to smoke it as fast as I could to get the highest possible.
    After smoking half of the joint I remember thinking "Man this sucks, this can't be weed I am not feeling anything at all" and suddenly everything was slowed down, it was like time had slowed it self and seconds were like minutes and minutes like hours I could feel a warm wave going up and down my spine in what felt like massages. After that I spent the next 2 hours enjoying all the wild life that was surrounding me and trying to talk to my dog.
    I think I'll never be that high again!

  2. My first time getting actually Fuqed up!!! Was when me and my brother and some friends smoked like 3 grams and they tried to get me the most Fuqed up cause it was only like my third time getting high and I thought I was dreaming then I thought I was dead cause none of them were talking to me so I sat there crying for like 5 minutes till I pulled my brothers hair and he gave in after a good hard tug.... Lmfao another time after smoking like 50x before this so I was pretty fimiliar with the fealing we got some purple god like tht shit looked like someone shredded diamonds and sprinkled the mother fuqers thts was right before we went to a carnival and I was dancing to this ride till I seen my ex girlfriend thn for some reason I gave her the shittiest look ever and thn cracked tf up.... that was the highest I ever been and will be the highest I ever will be till I O.D on something cause if u could O.D on marijuNa I would have been died!!!!!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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