First Time Woes

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  1. For those of us that grow or wish to start, I would like to start up a thread about the problems we faced and issues that arose from our first attempts at growing.

    My Setup:
    2' x 4' x 5.5' Tent
    3 x Mars300 130W LED Lights
    2 x 7 Gallon Smart Pot
    Carbon Filter & Fan
    Ocean Farms / Gringo Rasta Nutrients & Soil

    I first tried to setup a Hydro Bucket and failed miserably. I tried to rig most of the components from stuff bought at the local hardware store and a fish pump. While the setup looked awesome and perculated well, I damn near killed my first set of seeds. Ya see, as a beginner, no one mentions that you should PH Balance your Rock Wool before dropping your popped seeds in it. After about a week of my plant going no where, I discovered that my Rock Wool was causing nutrient lockout. Well, I also ended up with leaks around my drain hose so I trashed the entire bucket and transplanted my poor plant.

    Well, at first I put both my transplants in the same bucket and it all seemed to be going well. About 2 weeks into it and I noticed stunted growth on both plants and figured that they were fighting for nutrients so I better seperate them. After tearing many roots and knocking almost all the soil off the roots, I managed to get them in their own buckets..

    Fast forward 2 more weeks and they finally start looking like healthy plants.....

    One of them turned out to be male so we had an impromptu funeral with a roman candle send off to uproot and destroy the male.

    My last remaining female..... well, I wanted to try and Top the plant to increase yield since I was down to one plant and ended up breaking half my damn plant off.. So, now instead of having 2 primary stems, I was back down to one.

    Long story short - Hydro Bucket Fail - Transplant Fail - Physically Assaulted my plant.. and the poor girl kept on trucking..

    Fast forward to Week 8 and I made a mistake with my nutrients and cut off my Cal/Mag about 3 weeks early .. so after 2 weeks of no Cal/Mag, I am back to adding Cal/Mag ..

    Oh, and my plants also got an unexpected extra 8 hours of sleep one morning because my cat unplugged my tent.. so theres that as well..

    End of the grow - I got about 3oz's of very harsh but extremely potent Bubbah Kush Auto

    Moral of the story - Weed plants are VERY resiliant and can take a beating.. however, to get really good bud, either take very extra special care of them.. or screw up at every possible turn.. it seemed to work for me lol.. but seriously.. do better then I did :)
  2. 3 oz off 2 plants not bad for a first timer, the harshness i find has to do with the dry and cure.

    Its a major step to a good smoke

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