First Time With The Beans (Origional Amnesia Dinafem)

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    Hi folks Bean here, thought I'd like to share what i have been up to for the past few months. This is my first grow but have made a considerable effort both in looking after them and the initial set-up. I think i will start at the beginning.
    Before i bought anything, I went to talk to a guy at my local hydro store. It quickly became apparent to me that there was far more planning and research had to be done before germination! the fellow at the shop gave me some mags "the Urban Gardener" to be specific. sadly they are no-longer in production but they were pure gold. articles on every aspect. medium, ventilation, lighting, control units.
    so after several months of reading and shopping around i decided my plan was ready. I built a box inside the desired room made from thermal insulation kingspan. I chose this because i understood that temperature control is very important and that it might help to keep temps stable. as it turns out i would probably have been fine with a tent.
    Fans> Airfource 2 acoustic fans X2, oscillating wall fans X2, small oscillating desk fan X1
    Lights/Ballasts> Maxibright digital + 600HPS X2
    Medium> IWS 6pot, 100L tank, coco/pebbles
    Room size> (W)1400mm x (L)3000mm x (H)2100mm
    Strain> Origional Amnesia Dinafem
    Veg from germination 8 weeks under 400w MH
    Week 7 from Germination
    Week 2 of 12/12
    Week 2.5 of 12/12
    Week 3 of 12/12
    Week 4 of 12/12
    Week 6 of 12/12
    Week 7 of 12/12
    Week 7.5 12/12
    (I was cleaning and thought i'd take a couple of snaps, this is one of the less healthy looking girls. the gnats seem to have hit this one a bit more than most of the others) :ey:
    Week 8 of 12/12
    Week 9 of 12/12
    (Trichomes<span style="font-size:18px;"> are approximately 90% cloudy)</span>
    Thats it for now, let me know what you think. ;)

  2. The fact that u made your box gives you more options then if you bought a tent. Air circulation and light leaks are the two biggest things I see from my own adventures. Ur room looks awesome tho! I can't say one bad thing.

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  3. For someone with no grow experience The Grow looks GREAT How's the smell?
    Nice job so far
  4. you have done a great job
    most growers would be happy with plants like this after growing for a couple of years
  5. I know people like to bullshit on forums but it is actually my first time. things i am not happy with are my humidity control and noise polution from fans on warm days they work quite hard. the plants day is in my night time so temps are slightly cooler but some nights its as warm as 15degrees outside. temps are max and min 28-18
  6. your temputer good,
    and all I was trying to say is you the done so much research and forward thinking
    so you can pull a great yeild from the start
    A lot of growers drop a seed, join the site and say help, my seed has just germated and have no clue what to do next
    and within a year or two have a setup like yours and a large even canopy full of dank bud
    hang the fans, this will reduce the noise polution a lot, couple of big fans in the room
    will increase the airflow and help the plants, face the fans away  from the plants
  7. Looks great .. just keep on as you are..
  8. my ventilation fans are hung on bungies, I use an evolution fan speed controller which automatically changes the fan speed hens the problem being only on warm nights.
  9. are fungus gnats common in grow rooms?
  10. Yes and its not good
    Put some sand or perlight on top of soil
    as soon as you can

    and pick something up to kill the gnats
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    my EC is not rising and ph is dropping slightly. at week 6 is this normal? i understand that if the plants are eating the food the ph should rise? (flood and drain - coco)
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    sorry dan
    I am a soil grower but have done a few hydro grows in the past

    you will need to adjust the ph to 5.8 every day with ph up or down

    if the plants are using more food than drinking water the ec will go down (allway good)

    if the plants drinking more water than using nutes
    the ec will go up and if the ec gets too high
    you will cripple your plants and damage the roots

    if you have hot days the plants will drink more water
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    thank you sir, confirming what i have read already. i just found it strange that the ph was going down rather than up. as it has been going up sins they reached any considerable size. i thought maybe that some other stress would be causing that. but if it is normal then i do not need to stress.
  14. Man. . .it's so pretty. 
  15. bump New pics^^ will update soon keep watching :yay:
  16. some of the harvest
  17. also the smell has never been particularly impressive, i think it easily makes up for this with its long lasting high, its a long high so i keep it for my days off
  18. Hey Bean
    Great 1st timer they look frosty
    Can you tell me about your growing medium
    I see Clay balls mixed in is it coco hull?
    Nice What type of nutes did you run?
    Your just like me
    Go all or nothing
    Again Nice job
    Feed meabit about your grow medium Thks
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    Looks like she was rolled in glass NICE

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