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    Hey guys,

    Absolute beginner here. Started this project two months ago (planted nov 9). I realize I'm entrenched in my own decisions at this point but... Any advice. Wanted to invest little resources here. So any help is greatly appreciated

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  2. More pictures

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  3. Where to start?

    If you have limited height, which it appears you do, I would consider, LST and fimming or topping in the future to bush the plant. Also, would have induced flowering by now probably.

    Aluminum foil never a good idea, causes hot spots. Growing in clear containers not usually encouraged either, don't want to expose the roots to light if possible.

    Having said all of that, your plants look pretty good, they are pretty leggy though. More light and closer over head lighting will force closer internode spacing.

    Concentrating on this grow with what you have, I would make sure you change your light cycle immediately if you haven't done so already.
  4. Those are two months old?

    Chop them down and buy real supplies.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thats not worth the electricity bill.
  5. This.

    And don't even need real supplies per say, but you definitely need to do some research. You didn't do anything.
  6. JaneandMary, don't be downhearted by the last two post...everyone needs to start somewhere. On the upside your plants look healthy, so great job with nutes and feeding. Your area is very tight which won't help you when you flip the lights to 12/ tall is your space? Are these bag seeds, clones, or do you even know what strain? This can kind of give you an idea of how they will stretch as well as how long they need to ripen...I've grown many so I may be able to help.

    Are those regular incandescent light bulbs? I know you want to stay cheap but there will be some things you need to consider. Flowering Marijuana stinks and even two small plants like that can make your entire house will you deal with this or is it even a concern? What would be your max budget on finishing this?

    If you invest the time and a little bit more money you could pull 1-2oz.'s easily.
  7. Top them down to about the second node, lst, and get more light.
    While harsh the other two are right in that on your current path you are wasting your time. However a little money on equipment would benefit you greatly. You obviously have the ability to keep a plant alive, which believe it or not is more than a lot of people can say.
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    A cheap and easy light fixture to find is Bathroom Vanity Bar type fixture.


    You can run across these at yard sales, thrift stores and yes Walmart. They range from 2 bulb and up all depends on space. The only down side is having to wire a plug on to the fixture but it's not to hard. They are inexpensive also $5-$10 on a used 4 bulb and maybe $20-$25 new.
    Load a bowl and read and read some more there is a ton of info to help you along the way.:gc_rocks:
  9. Thanks all,

    I really do appreciate the feedback even if it isn't as optimistic.. :( . Anyway, let me elaborate--where you draw valid points that yes, using limited space, as well as supplies, less research or so it seems. This was really a little experiment, one that thankfully has brought me to GC, so positive. Had to use what I had on hand; aquarium top lamp,then we put two lamps (60 watts each) against them and alas here we are. One is 2ft, the other 22inches. Putting them now to 12/12,thanks. Space is however not an issue, it's a 6' by6' walkin closet. So should I place them in the center or different. I thought having them close would be more affective, wrong again huh, sigh*

    At least they look healthy, look at the new pictures:

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  10. Another

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  11. And another

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  12. It is also a she.:D
  13. The second picture is a little fuzzy so it's hard to tell...but it looks like you might have a male plant. Get a good picture close up on the top 2-3 branch nodes...where the branch meets the stalk.

    Are these bag seeds?

    Aquarium lights are normally a useable ( in your case for experimental purposes) light due to their light spectrum which includes the reds needed for flower, you are lucking out so far. Plants look great, you may be a natural green thumb....the real fun comes when it becomes a hobby and not just an experiment.
  14. Ok you need a bit more light in there still. Get some CFL bulbs and some y socket adapters. With cfl bulbs you can get them with 3-4 inches of the plant. That light fixture I recommened is how I started in a cabinet 32" tall by 54" long and 18" deep. Heat should not be a huge issue for you if its 6'x6'x8'. Still nice to have some breeze tho.
  15. Ok I had to rotate the top pic to see what you are working with. The shelf's around the closet are they adjustable height? You can try to get some emergency blankets to use for wall covering the angles of the shelfs maybe affecting the light, when she starts to flower you want plenty of light to get the growth and swell. I remove the lower sections of growth so my plant will focus energy on the tops(

    I see the aquarium light up there and the 2 other bulbs. You can find t-5 flour. fixtures at Walmart for around $10 and bulbs for another$8-$10 I ran 3 of those fixtures in another cabinet and was happy with the results. I belive a little more lighting even just 2 Y sockets and four cfls you will get some results. Improper lighting in flower can lead to lots of stretch and spaced out airy buds. I got to run will check this thread later today.

    BTW they look good for your set up its just that flowering takes more food and lighting.
  16. Hey guys,

    First day on12/12. She grew a lot over night (Jane - one on the right).

    They're nodes are looking pretty healthy.

    Be back soon.

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  17. A closer look.

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  18. Hey thanks, it's just some bag weed. Started 12/12 today.

  19. Janeandmary....those are looking great and the close up pic definitely shows a female so right on!
  20. Hey guys, wanted to update you on the progress. Went 12/12 on Sunday 01/06, and I think the photos will speak for themselves. It looks like they're female, and Jane looks to be budding.

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