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First time with Kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Swingset Virtue, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. So tonight I'll be trying kush for the very first time. In my year of smoking, I've only ever had mids or reggi before. What should I expect? It's really crystally and reeks. I smoke out of a glass pipe with a carb.
  2. Expect to get high. Most kush strains are a hybrid or indica dominant. Expect a good body high.
  3. expect to be baked pretty hard off of one bowl
  4. Is it like a mids high?
  5. Expect an "in your face" type of high. Feel it right in your face and behind the eyes. KUSH:smoke:
  6. Take it slow and make it last
  7. Mids on steroids, sort of.
  8. imagine taking a shot of lsd naked, put on the top thrill dragster being tickled by guatemalan whores.

    Have fun! :wave:
  9. I've never had LSD.
  10. He's just fucking with you. It willl be nothing like LSD. Just smoke it and see how good you feel. Sit down and get your munchies ready.

    Let us know how it goes.
  11. its basically like you smoked some mids that wouldnt ever give you a headache, dank is where its at man, one bowl and you're going to be set :smoke:
  12. Get ready for the high of your life :D!
  13. I'm leaving in about twenty minutes to go smoke with my friend.
  14. Its Sum Good Shit....
  15. Don't do it, I heard Kush killed 3 people last week.
  16. The OP is prolly sky high right now :hello:

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