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  1. ok i have a simple setup. three plants of california orange under a 250 watt hps. the soil is a mix of some store brand potting soil, 15-20-15 powder fertilizer, coposted mulch with superthrive applied every other watering. the plants are three different sizes, the tallest being around 7". on the tallest and shortest, the leaves are discoloring. they are getting like little yellow dots on the first five-bladed leaves. what could be the problem? pictures are in my gallery, i can put them here in the thread if necessary. any suggestions on how i can get them to look happier and pick up their growth through the end of the flowering period and how i can help to discontinue this discoloring? thanks
  2. thanks, that link really helped me a lot. it showed me exactly what i am having issues with both outdoors and in!
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  8. i have no response. that was perfect. nice discussion, someone that actually can stand up to me...thats cool, but then again, you may have many years on me

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