First Time With HBWR

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stigs, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Just got my order of 50 HBWR seeds from a online vendor. They are the ones grown in Hawaii. Problem is I dont know how you prepare them. I heard you take off the outer shell but I just wanted to confirm this. I plan on taking 10 my first time. Thanks blades.
  2. When I did HBWR I chewed up 8 of them and swallowed
    I puked once but my stomach never hurt and it wasn't really that unpleasant
    I tripped as if I had taken 2 hits of good acid
    but thats just me

    Check out Erowid or Bluelight for dosage advice and full trip logs
  3. So I should just chew them whole? Thanks for the quick input :).
  4. Ive heard just grind em up and either eat em or mix with some water and drink it down. But ive never done them so....

  5. I was just sharing my experience which was fun and enjoyable,
    I'm not in any way suggesting that you do what I did or attempting to provide dosage or ingestion information
  6. If you got them for 10 bucks off the same site I did, enjoy the most intense naseau from seeds I've ever had.
  7. 1.) Take desired # of seeds. Crush them up with hammer e.t.c.

    2.) Put the powder in a shot glass, add a teaspoon of cold water -- stir

    3.) Five minutes later, add a squeeze of lime juice, some sugar, stir---shovel the whole mess into your mouth.

    works great for me.

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