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First time with edibles.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Justanotherdude122, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Well today is the first time with any edible. Took probably .15 of reclaim warmed with coconut oil and thrown into a capsule. Then another one with probably about the same amount 30-45 minutes later. After about 20 minutes of the first one my hands got cold and armpits got a little sweaty. It has been exactly an hour and a half since the first dose and I think it is finally starting to kick in. My stomach feels a little funky, i havnt had anything to eat at all but drank plenty of water. I feel weird, cant explain it though, definitely warming up though. Ill try to post as this goes but will definitely post the end result if i dont have a stroke and die haha.
  2. Yabba dabba dooo?
  3. It was a bust somewhat. Two hours after I posted this I had gone home and on the drive home I felt calm as ever but my brain was moving thoughts around about stuff around me. I had cruise control at 60mph on a 55mph highway, some lady took it upon herself be angry at me because I couldnt pass her but she slowed to 45 on the highway, brake checked me but i stayed behind her since i saw a cop riding up and pulled her over. Normally in that situation I woulda sped past and given her a serious brake check, but i didnt, so thats a plus for the weed haha. I got home and felt a decent buzz that was more couchlock. I watched 3 hours of Mindhunter and just felt nice laying down. Definitely a nice body high. I would only take those again if I had to do heavy work all day. I also stayed almost 100%(had a 22oz beer a hour before the first dose). Other than the beer and the two doses I took that was it all day so I could notice the effects. Definitely would have been better if I smoked a few bowls during the experiment. Oh well. It was a different experience that I enjoyed.

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