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first time with edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bbtoke, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Green Hornet Cheeba Chews, 10mg doses.

    I recently started smoking again (a month or two ago) after a multi-year hiatus. I smoke a few times a week, and get pretty high, rarely stoned.
    Tried edibles the first time today.

    5 mg at 2:30, 5 mg more at 4 something, and then 10 mg at about 5:30. I felt nothing all day until about 7pm. As of 7:45pm (now), I feel a hearty buzz, but still not what I would deem high. Can someone help me understand why I'm not pretty high? Everywhere I found online recommended starting with 5 the first time you take edibles. I know it takes a long time to kick in, which is why I waited to re-dose, but now it's spread out enough that it's hard to discern whether or not that last gummy did it or if I'm just now starting to feel the effects. Any thoughts? When can I take another gummy? What dose should I start at next time?
  2. 5mg is very weak. 10mg may be OK for a first time user.

    I'd start at 50mg to be completely honest. 50mg of dispensary edibles was enough to get me stoned, but nothing that would stop me from my day to day life

    I use about .8g of bud per edible, say they rank in around 19-20%thc so that's roughly 150mg... which is strong for a guy like me. (I was just under 5'10 and probably around 170lbs last time I did edibles)
  3. I tried edibles again today. It was 10mg. A truffle from a dispensary. I felt it but it was not a good high. Not sure why, and I was very spacey and tired all day. Do all edibles make you tired? I've tried them a few times and it's always been the same. Leaves me tired as hell all day and just kind of "out of it."
  4. The “feeling” from an edible will last longer than smoking in my experience. I only take edibles for sleep and there have been many instances where I wake up the next morning and could easily sleep another 4-5 hours if I wanted to.

    I’ve taken edibles almost nightly for a year and I think the most I’ve ever taken is about 40mg. I started around 5mg, but 15-20mg is usually my sweet spot.

    Edibles are a tricky game. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don’t. Experiment with different brands. And try to take them on a full stomach, which is opposite of what I assumed.
  5. This is something I got only for ten bucks at the weed shop I go to and I use to get twix and snickers to for cheap but my weed shop stopped selling edibles I'm pretty sure because haven't seen them again but these were pretty good IMG_20200205_155304_202.jpg IMG_20191208_153014_737.jpg IMG_20191122_161733_629.jpg

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  6. The sour patch kids was 10 bucks and the twix and snickers were 5 each

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