First time with autoflowers.

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  1. Hello all!,
    This is my first time growing an autoflowering plant and I would like to have some opinions and says about the process. I got the seeds while in Madrid and its a spanish brand called Makka seeds. The strain was Autoblueberry kush and it is feminized.They are known to reach 80cm/120cm in height, with a THC content of 16%, and harvest time is at 60/70 days of growth.
    Now, I got only one seed since I am new with autos and since they werent cheap too.
    I germinated the seed successfully and planted it in a very good soil mix and kept it at the balcony, so its considered to be outgrowing.
    This is how it looked like at week 1. 
    And, at week 2, 
    At week 3, 
    I was surprised as f*ck here, it already started flowering!
    And currently, at week 4...
    So since it was on natural light until week 3 and showed flowering now, I keep it at 24/7 hours of light as I thought this could help it push up more height and prolong the veg cycle, but I also read that autos don't really care about light cycles.
    It's healthy and all but Im surprised at the size and the start of flowering...
    Any opinions??
    Thanks alot!

  2. Wow!, I have no personal experience with autos, but that does seem pretty early for flowers to be showing up! 

    Far as I know there isn't much you can do in order to keep it vegging sadly.....but it does look in good shape regardless of size though, so you might still end up with some good quality bud, just maybe slightly less than you were hoping for. 
    Besta luck! :)
  3. Everything I've read says autos typically start flowering around 3 or 4 weeks so yours in on schedule and is fine.
  4.  24/7 ok but switch 20 on 4 off for autos... plenty perlight for drainage. she looks healthy   organic? if so do you use ewc?  you say natural light... like window?  and what kinda of light is under now? :smoke:
  5. mine day 23   the 4 outside girls of course.. IMG_0831.JPG    organic.. under 700 watt led   :smoke: 
  6. So far I haven't used any fertilizers, I use mineral rich water occasionally, it used to be under good sunlight for the first couple of weeks now its 24 under CFLs, I can't wait and see how it gonna be like!
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    The soil im using is a mix of coconut, perlite, clay with nutes in it so basically yeah, the soil is fertilized..i stopped growing it under sunlight last week 
  8. coco has alot of salt

    not the same as organic..... :smoke:
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    ya say nutes..... what? plz explain..
    Not necessarily. Back when the coir industry was young, yes you had to deal with the salt by washing/flushing the coir several times. However that issue has afaik been addressed. It is still up to the user to do their research and select good products, but overall your chances of having to flush are probably very slim.
    That said, although I started out with coir, I've switched to backing peat. Coir is a finicky product more suitable to hydro than for use in organics. Still a lot of people, swear by it. To each their own I suppose.
  11. The coconut i got is purely organic and no additives in it so no worries bout the salt content.. I kept the plant in darkness for 6 hours yesterday since i broke the 24 hours light and now its 18/6 with 3  26 Watt white light CFLS and noticed it grew about 2 cms so hopefully it will get taller! More photos on the 31st!!  :metal:
    The plant is now at day 44 and  it grew a little in the past 2 weeks.. The smell is pretty awesome and its sticky too!![​IMG]
    is harvest soon/ what do you think? its under 24 hours of light 
    Hm, I'm a beginner too but I'm gonna guess not even close..they look about 2 weeks in.
  14. No, even though it says 60 days or so you'll likely have to go 70ish but every strains different. With autos it's a bit different than photos as far as determining harvest. You'll wanna wait til the hairs turn orange and then a darker orange and recede.

    See how the hairs are sticking out now? Wait til they recede. Likely around day 65-75. The plant still has plenty time to get bigger ;)

    keep posting pics and well help you out. I'll sub this thread and keep helping you if ya need it!
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    organic generates salts too, many times so much you need to flush in order to leach the salts.
    I would suggest anyone starting out work with a good soil and get some confidence before going to the O. The exception is if you have a goo tutor to ensure you don't mess up the calculus that organics are. Organic mixes can be fickle and fatal.
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    should be on 18/6 from seed ;)
    you may get a little yield from this one
    better luck next time

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