First time with a large dose of mushrooms

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  1. last night was fuckin intense. I just got to college yesterday afternoon and my room mate is a total stoner (i talked to him before on facebook so i already knew). We went out longboarding and smoked some weed and he tells me that he has a half O of mushrooms that he got for free. I was like sets get fucked up!

    so around 9 at night he pulls them out. They were all intact still and had really good lookin caps. So i scaled out 5 grams and broke them up into little pices and put them on a peanut butter balge. Besides the 5 grams, i ate 1 more medium sized mushroom on its on to start things going while i made the bagle.

    Normall i am an acid guy, and the most mush i have ever taken at one time is 4 grams, i knew i was in for a treat. We smoked a blunt out the window right after i ate the first shroom. I then made my bagle while my roomie S ate his 5 grams by themselves. As the bagle was cooking in our toaster oven i sat and waited, felt high from the weed but nothing from the mushrooms. I kept checking the bagle and it was warm, but not all the way toasted. It felt like maybe 5 minutes that they cooked but they were in there for 45 minutes! :eek:

    i honestly didnt know how that happened. The bagle went in at 9:40 and came out at 10:27 (i was high and thought it would be good to wright it down :smoke:)
    Then i put my mushrooms on the bagle and started eating while we watched Man Vs. Wild. I started feeling the first shroom when i looked at my bed sheets and the lines started bending in towards each other. I ate the rest of the bagle and watched 2 whole episodes of man vs wild. I felt kinda trippy druing the shows but nothing insane.

    As soon as the next show came on it was like a freight train hit me. The tv starts gettin all wobbly and S sees it too so we gtfo.

    Its like 12:15 now and we are walking around outside when his buddy calls. He told us to walk over to his apartment off campus. Its kinda a far walk but we decided to go.

    We got outside and were really tripping face, but i wasnt peaking yet. We cut through this park type thing with a bunch of trees and decided to climb it to take a rest. The leaves started swaying like crazy and the ground was spinning. The tree bark was sliding all over the place and we grabbed on to it to keep it from moving. We stayed up there picking the vibrating leaves off the branches and threw them on the ground. People from our dorm are out there talking and just looking at these 2 trippers sitting in a tree grabbing it and throwing leaves. It must have been really funny :smoke:

    We jump down because the campus cops were passing through on patrol. We werent worried about them but just didnt want to sit in the tree anymore with 6up around. We walk over to the road to get to the apartment, i lit up a cig but i couldnt keep it in my mouth. it kept falling out and it was hard to grab because i thought it was trying to attack me. As we were walking i started peaking really hard. The light poles were dancing like snakes and there were bright streaks of rainbow colored light streaking past my eyes. me and S kept talking about how the sidewalk looked like a really little city. We could see the streets and little people moving around and the cars. Then my frend walks up to what he thinks is a toad. He starts petting it and tells me it fells kinda dry. I shine my phone on to the "toad" to see if its alive. Turns out my friend was petting a dog turd :laughint:

    We finally get to the apartment after a long walk full of distractions and fun. We got in the elevator but pushed all of the buttons except the floor we wanted to get to. after the 5th floor we just took the stairs, which were dodging my feet, and impossible to climb. The S's buddy comes down the elevlator to get us. He was tripping on acid and his friends just smoked weed. We got to the apartment which is 6 floors up. I sat by the window just staring at all of the buildings. They gave me some leftover pizza to eat but i just put it on my lap and comletely forgot about it. S was reading the guinness book of world records and i grabbed another one, but i couldnt read any of the words. They were all gibberish i sat and thought reasons why there would be gibberish in a printed book.

    I came to the conclusion that all of the People at GBOWR were too drunk on Guinness beer that they printed gibberish. I started complaing about so we took all of the guinness books and burned them in the fireplace on the balcony.

    We sat down and watched planet earth for another hour and it was the most incredible thing i have ever seen. Seriously, next time you have psychadellics on hand, watch the planet earth on Caves. Fuckin crazy man

    After 4 episodes of planet earth we werent really trippin but felt really good. Optimistic about life i guess. Just feeling that everything is fuckin great and there is nothing at all to be worried about.

    Im glad i did 5 grams of mushrooms

    ****this really isnt in great detail about how hard i was tripping. Im too baked to describe it all and it was beyond words****
  2. Damn, nice little report you wrote, it sounds like you had a good time

    thats super funny that your buddy mistook the turd for a toad :smoke:
  3. thanks for th insight, sounded pretty awesome. Probably gonna do some shrroms this weekend
  4. You're just making want to try them more and more. :smoking:
  5. do it man it was great
  6. I lol'd at the dog turd.

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