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  1. I just got a friends plant and decided to keep it growing in my closet. It's about ready to start flowering so i've got it on a 12 hour timer. Currently I've got a 75 watt hanging lamp directly over it. I don't want anything that burns too hot cause I do have clothes in my closet and if it's too bright someone might see it. I also put gravel in the bottom under the soil for drainage. It's only one plant and its only maybe a foot tall. advice? suggestions? comments? wise remarks?
  2. More light is all I'm going to say and what nutes you have?
  3. no nutes, suggest any? how much more light, 100w is i think the highest i'll go.
  4. what kind of lights are you your scenario i would pick up some CFL's and use can get them a lot closer 2 the plant and they dont put out very much heat..pick up some of those " shop light clamps" you can get them at a home depot or w/e also throw in a lil fan get some air moving around make sure some of it is hittin then plant 2 make sure it gets a nice strong main stem i
  5. reg bulb. whats cfl? what kinda nutes ya think?
  6. lol 75watt incandesant, you need some cfls on there otherwise that plaint aint gonna make it.

    cfls = energy saving bulbs basicly
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    CFLs are compact fluorescent (spiral) light bulbs. You need at least three 42 watt, 2700K bulbs. Those are each 150 watt equivalent.

    Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom for soil would be a good choice for nutes.

    But I wouldn't bother unless you correct the lighting right away. That plant will die soon from lack of light.

    Can you put it ouside from dawn to dusk every day until it finishes?

  8. NO incandescent lamps are totally the wrong spectrum. You need fluorescent lamps, which come as tubes or coils, or a high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal hydride (MH).
  9. ok ok ok...
    for 1: you can never have too much light if hidin' the light is a prob you'll need to find a diff. place to grow.

    for 2: if you are usin' a regular light bulb that wont give of the correct spectrum of light you'll need for flowering stage, yah it'll grow under that light so will a dandilion. im not really sure what you are usin' but what I said is true plus a reg bulb is intirely too hot anywayz and dangerous.

    for 3: a plant a foot tall is still a baby, I would give it some more time maybe about 3 feet minimum before flowering and harvest DONT RUSH IT its worth the wait. plus the older and more mature a plant gets the more resin it produces and more potent it'll be

    for 4: get your clothes outta there if you're gonna grow get a place completely devoted to your grow. maybe you should completely re think your game plan... if you try to half ass your grow you'll have half ass weed or no ass weed (assless weed lol)

    other than that a flouresent light with a PLANT BULB will burn super cool you can actually touch it to your plant with out burning it and with the plant bulb you'll have a good light spectrum...

    on the bright side I do like your idea of puttin' gravel in the bottom for drainage. so you got that goin' although that may be too much water if you need the gravel, but it is good to get ventalation in your soil I might try that out..

    well I hope I helped you out bro... and I hope I didn't sound like a dick the way I wrote this I'm just tryin' to help a brotha out...

    good luck

  10. somtimes i swear you dont have it all going on in your head, i didnt say "lol get a 75 watt incandesant" i was laughing at the bulb being used. you seem to do this to me alot....
  11. OK sorry, I didn´t read what you said properly. Don´t take it personal :rolleyes:
  12. if youve got the money i would think about getting a LED settup, they give off little heat but the color spectrum would still be right. good thinkin on the gravel, ive done that and also tried sand before..just a thought are there drainage holes in whatever is holding your baby?
  13. wowzrs. im goin out to get some cfls right now, 2 should do the trick. on the thought about height, its almost 3 months old and i'm really not trying to have a big plant but thanks for th advice. alo to everyone lse who ut in thir 2 cents, thanks. now for another question, the pot i have it in is maybe 6-8 inches deep and maybe has a 6 inch diameter, remember i'm trying to keep it small, but i do not want to over water it, is watering it once a day is too much? also as for nutes, i saw some grow sticks of plant food, are thre any types of nutes that i can kinda just stick into the soil, i relly do not want to re-pot it. what kinda chemicals/mterials am i looking for in nutes? i'm sure this is all on other threads but u all have been so hlpful here i figure i might as well ask.
  14. Water the plant when it's thirsty. If you water it too much the roots will be starved for oxygen. I doubt it will need watering every day.

    Don't put gravel in potting soil... use perlite.

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