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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if my budget is 150 to 200 dollars what is the best vaporizer that is semi portable that I can buy?
  2. Is it portable? Also I prefer a digital display and easy storage/ hide ability. But I don't want an mflb, I want an actual good one.
  3. I own an Arizer solo and I love it. The glass stems make the bud tasty. However, if you're looking for a digital display, take a look at the vapir no2. I have read many great reviews on it. Also I've heard good things about da Buddha vape. If you have any questions about the solo, I'd be glad to answer. It doesn't have a digital display but it has 7 different temperature presets, which I find more than sufficient. All 3 of these are portable and are not powered by butane, which is an advantage IMO.
  4. Da buddha is great, especially for the price. Mflb is pretty good if you want something portable, but if you get that you might want to invest in the wall power adapter. Makes the hits a good bit better.
  5. What temps does the arizer vape at? Can I get a stoned high or is it just all cerebral? Price? Portability?
  6. If SEMI-portable is acceptable, the Solo is definitely your best bet. It's pretty bulky for a portable but it's definitely something you can throw in a bag and use in the car. The only issue is that you have to pack the weed into the glass stems which don't lock into the unit that well, so you wouldn't just be able to yank it out for a couple hits then put it away.

    The Pax seems to be the most hyped up portable on the market right now, if all continues to go well with it I'm considering getting one. Right now I've been loving my Da Vinci.
  7. [​IMG]

    Not really that portable. I mean, you can pack it up and go in a few minutes, but nothing like the Magic Flight Launch Box.
  8. Is the da Vinci like the mflb, the reason I don't want an mflb is because I've heard from other blades that it isn't as good as other vapes.
  9. Any more suggestions?

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