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First time vape user - really need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scsmith12, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I'm not new to smoking at all, but I did just purchase my first vape and seem to be having a lot of trouble using it. It's the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer:[​IMG]
    The directions are ridiculously unclear which can be difficult for a first time user. Basically I do what it says, load the weed into the large opening of the whip, pack it down...but when I put the whip onto the heating element, it just burns the weed. The recommended temperature in the directions is 320-350, and I put it on 320, but for some reason it seriously burns the weed without the weed even touching the heating element. We've had to not attach the whip all the way to get any vapor hits at all. From pictures I've seen the whip is supposed to be fully covering the heating element and I guess the weed should be touching it too, is there something wrong with the vaporizer or should I just turn the heat way down? Help! Can't return it so I want to get the most out of the $150...
  2. I have a SSV, but it's the same basic principle.

    If your digital read out is correct, it's definitely not too hot.

    My bet is that you're loading too much bud into the wand, you don't want your herb even close to the heating element.

    Good luck and keep practicing, once you get the hang of your vape, you'll LOVE it. :smoke:
  3. Well, we are just putting a tiny bit in and packing it down, but not too packed. Definitely not even 1/3 of the bowl size which the directions say is how much you're supposed to put. But I thought the whip was supposed to sit on the heating element without us having to hold it. We have to literally hold it barely on the heating element for it not to burn.
  4. turn down the temp
  5. Lower the temp to the high 200s and give it another go.

    Hopefully someone with an EasyVape will chime in, but until that the only advice I can give is to keep experimenting until you get it down.

    You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, right? :cool:
  6. I read somewhere that it doesn't even start vaporizing until 340 though :\
  7. Is there a screen between the element and weed?
  8. Well, there is a screen, but it separates the weed from the long skinny part of the whip. We tried loading it into the other side just in case but obviously just sucked up weed through the tube.
  9. [ame=]Easy Vape Vaporizer Review - YouTube[/ame]
    You will want to make sure it is packed down a little
  10. My only question is, if that guy can have it sitting fully on the heating element, with the hot part fully covered, and it doesn't burn, on 370, then how come when I pack it down, NOT fully cover the heating element, and have it on 320, it burns? Could there be something wrong with the vape?
  11. I don't have a vaporizer myself, but with a general assumption, I would say it is the vape. If you weren't packing it down, I could see it being you. But, from what you have stated, I would guess it is the vape... Can anyone else help this man out ?

    Edit: Maybe the reading is off on the vape, or if it is broke, maybe it is just stuck at one temp.
  12. I started with a cheap eBay copy of your vape,the temperature gauge was totally inaccurate just gotta turn it right down down keeping moving the temp till your happy with it, you want nice light brown abv to make edibles with :)
  13. One thing to remember with a vape like that is:

    draw slower=more heated chamber
    draw faster=less heated chamber

    good luck dude!

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