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First time vape user, Mercenary Vaporizer HELP!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mtayler87, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hello, all!
    I just bought a Mercenary Vaporizer, a pen-shaped portable one, and the instructions say to plug it into the charger and wait for the light to turn a bright red and that when it turns a dark red it will be ready to use. However, the LED isn't changing to another color other than green, although the little blue light at the front of the vape has turned off. Does that mean that it's charging?

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Idk I've never heard of that vape, is it for concentrates
  3. Might be old instructions and a updated pen. It might be red while its charging and turn green when it's all charged. Could be?
  4. I too bought this pen vape, and had the exact same problem. The instructions are iffy at best.
    For weeks I tried to get this thing to work and got quite frustrated sometimes and hit it against things lol in hope that maybe the old saying "sometimes technology just needs a bang to work" would well... Work. And at first try it did not succeed....but after a few attempts of banging it around I noticed that when I plugged it in it started charging correctly!! After that it just worked like a charm, big, beautiful, dense clouds of vapor! :)
    I have had this for quite a long time now and used and tampered with it many times and when it goes back to not working properly I just squeeze the VivaLaVape symbol under the pens button between my fingers really hard and it the charger will go back to charging red. I beleive its just a loose wire that happened during the production of the pen or the handling of it before you bought it. But this tends to work for me
    When you plug the pen into the charger the light on the pens button should glow brightly blue, and the green light on the charger should turn red, that means it is charging.
    When it has finished charging the pens light will turn off and the Chargers light will go back to green.
    I found this out after months of trial and error.

    Sometimes the pen won't heat up at all when pressed and I simply jostled around the heating element coil in hopes to maybe rewire a loose connection, and it would usually work after a few attempts.
    Sometimes you just have to work with technology...

    Overall this vaporizor would be fantastic if it worked properly how it should work.
    Good luck and happy vaping friend!
    [​IMG]    That's kinda like saying, "This would be a fantastic boat if it would float."

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