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  1. Also, in this youtube review this guy states that one of the minor drawbacks of the device is the shorter stem gives you warmer draws that could irritate sensitive throats, and thus recommended getting a longer stem to use so that you get a cooler draw. Do you guys think this is an issue? I am sensitive to heat and smoke (when smoking) and cough alot, so maybe I should invest in a longer stem. He is showing off a black colored one. Is that a good one? Where can I order that?
  2. I just ordered the vape! I'm both excited and nervous at the same time! lol
  3. Have you got it yet?
  4. I just got it in the mail today. It's currently charging, and I am reading through the instructional booklet. I am slightly concerned however. In the Youtube review I linked above above, the guy mentions to make sure your Air 2 comes with a small hologram card to ensure that it's not a knockoff. My Air 2 did not come with that Hologram card and I went through every component and piece of literature and card to find it. Is there a way for me to verify that this is the real deal? I've googled how to spot a knockoff, but all websites are written with the Air in mind, not the Air 2. :-/
  5. If you purchased it from PUFFITUP it’s not a knockoff. They have a great rep and only carry authentic products.
    You seem like a slightly paranoid person lol.
    Relax. If you’re concerned email them. There should be a serial #
  6. Thanks for that assurance! lol. Yes, I am a slightly neurotic person. It's only because I'm nervous alot, but it forces me to do tons and tons of research on anything I care about to make sure I don't miss any details. It's saved me loads of times. I believe you though. I guess I just started getting worried when I didn't see the card like that guy talked about in his video review because he said the card means it's not a knockoff. lol
  7. Okay, so I have a question:
    The written instructions, as well as the video state that the first time you insert the stem, it may not fit due to tight tolerances and that it is advisable to warm it up the first time and insert the stems warm so that they conform for fit. How exactly does this work? How do I do this, step by step? Do I heat up the stems in some hot water while also warming up the unit, or what?
  8. All you have to do is set the temp on the Air. Let it completely warm up to whatever temp you like before inserting the stem. No need to do anything special with the stem itself.
  9. Okay, doing this now with both stems. How long should I leave the stems in the unit before it's considered "properly fit?"
  10. They will naturally get easier to put in over time. Some stems just fit more snug than others.

    I'm not sure i get what you mean though.
    To be clear:
    Just set the Air to the temp you want.
    Let it heat up to that temp.
    Pack your stem with weed and insert stem into the Air.
    get high
  11. Great. They both seem to fit well, snug but not too tight. I appreciate you answering all my questions! XD
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  12. Okay, I have an odd question. I have heated the unit up several times to warm up all the stems, but now when I turn it on for the desired setting of 400 degrees farenheit, it starts at 388 or something, then counts downwards and now has dropped down to 132, instead of going up towards 400. Now it's 128.. Is this normal?
  13. Okay, I let it cool for a little while, and now it seems to be warming up normally: gradually climbing to max temp. I am testing out the aroma therapy bowl with a bit of the supplied lavender. It smells nice when I put it up to my nose and inhale just as directed in the instructional booklet. Overall, this seems like a super easy to use unit. I can't wait to load up some herb and actually try vaping with it. If it meets my expectations, which I am certain it will, this will be a hit, as well as a welcome relief for my baby lungs lol! Thus far, I am totally glad you recommended this to me. I will report back if I have any questions, or once I have tested out vaping some herb. Also, I got a free grinder with my Air 2! It's perfect since I can no longer locate my old grinder. It also seems higher quality as it has a bottom screen to filter out finer bits from the coarser bits. Total win!
  14. I will probably purchase the longer glass stem as recommended in the video as I prefer less harsh hits. So that will be something for down the road.
  15. Okay, I finally got to try out my Air 2. It is cool.
    So I loaded it up with herb like the instructions said around 7 EST today. It was super easy. I warmed it up to about 390 F, and a minute after it said it was warmed up, I took a draw. It was kind of whispy like the reviewer said. I took some very big draws and started blowing out vapor. But something bothered me; it made me cough my head off. I didn't expect a vape to do that to me. Like, it was almost as bad as smoking it. The coughing was extreme. My lungs still hurt. But after that, man, the high knocked me off my ass. I was fairly clear headed though. Like, I could be somewhat aware of my surroundings and function. But I could barely handle a phone call from my best friend when she called me about breaking up with her ex like an hour ago. Like, I could handle the conversation and follow along at the bare minimum to know what was going on, but it was difficult for me to keep up. I feel kind of bad about that, but I am definitely functional. I'm still kind of high. I took some deep hits initially. Maybe I should have taken it lighter?? I love this thing, I just wish it didn't make me cough so much. The coughing alone made me hate smoking, and is why I am trying vaping. :-/
  16. Um, so I guess I have to ask. What contributed to all the coughing? I feel like vaping should not produce so much coughing since I am not inhaling smoke. Aside from the coughing, and getting knocked off my ass from the intense high, it was an amazing experience. lol
  17. Okay, so I am getting concerned. After I set it for 400 F for a full cycle. If I try to turn it on again maybe 10 minutes later, it won't go up in temp. It will hover around 210 F, and then start dropping down further. I generally turn it off once it gets down to about 92 F. Does anyone else have this problem?
  18. So I just tested it out by resetting it to a lower temp, such as 370 F, and when I did that, it did begin to reclimb up to the proper temp. I put a glass stem into it for a minute and removed it to make sure it was hot, and it was. It seems the problem is that when it has already completed a high temp cycle such as 400 F, and then you try to turn it on maybe 5-10 minutes later at the same temp setting, it will have trouble unless you wait a considerable amount of time for it to cool. You must lower the temp to something more manageable, lest it overheat. This isn't a problem for me as I will generally probably vape at lower temps such as 350 F, but it's a data point that should be noted for those who have tougher lungs than I do and would want to continue vaping at higher temperatures.
  19. Let it heat up light should flash to indicate temperature reached light will turn when cooled down due to sucking hot air and replacing with cool air.

    Suck slower and longer draws.

    Another reason why i can't be bothered with battery vapes
  20. Coughing is natural i still do on big hits but my lungs have adjusted to it now somewhat Yours will also if you stick at it.

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