First time using Binural Beats, man.

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TomahawkJohnson, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. This guy I worked with once told me that he got really tripped out listening to binural beats on Youtube. Naturally, I laughed in his face at the thought of sitting in front of my computer watching a youtube video to get stoned.
    But then...
    I got stoned.

    From weed, of course, and thought "I am stoned and bored, why not experiment?"

    So far I'm having no luck finding anything worth enduring to reach a satisfying "high-sensation", but this one has gotten me pretty close to feeling funny.

    [ame=]LSD / Acid Replication Binaural Beats Get High With Sound! 25 Minutes! - YouTube[/ame]

    Thoughts or suggestions??
  2. So i wad kinda trippy from something already... I was thinking maybe a mixture of hunger and possibly getting sick... So i took some theraflu. The trip got uppy.. hyper... So i smoked a bowl and was having strong audible hallucinations... Then went on gc found this thread and clicked the video... 7 or so minutes in my walls were breathing and the pattern on the one wall was moving and then the wall just looked... Different... Un explainably different... I think these things are amazing lol
  3. Ok so when you guys do this you have the lights on? And your eyes open? I was always told to lay down and rest.
    Someone tell me how to use one of these... So it gives me something to do tonight!
  4. I think i had my eyes closed for a while then opened them... Ima try it again before bed tonight... Completely sober
  5. Tried it last night before I went to sleep. Got high beforehand though so I prolly just felt the effects of pot.
    However I did notice one thing, it totally made my muscles twitch a lot. Like, that weird feeling that there's something crawling under your skin, but it was really not that bad. Took my headphones off and the twitching stopped. Put them back on and within seconds it was happening again. Weird!
  6. Play with the sound a little bit, i noticed the frequency changes noticably when the volume changes. My phone goes up to 15 and no 2 of the sound levels had the same frequency
  7. i tried like 7 difrent beats completly sober and nothing happend.....bummer i wish i found a free way of getting high
  8. If you talk while the bineural beats are happening it makes you sound like a robot xD
  9. These are most likely not working for most people because you need a quality pair of headphones or a quality set of speakers with a sub-woofer to get the full-effect. Listening to it on iPod earbuds or phone speakers won't do a single thing.
  10. They were saying that in the comments on Youtube. I'll have to buy a quality pair of headphones and give it another whirl

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