First time using acid, need some advice

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    So I have never tripped before, and I decided to do acid for my first time.

    I'll be doing 1 hit by myself (I can't do it with anyone)

    I'll be going to bed during the day after work so I can stay up all night to trip. I'll be taking the tab at 11:15 pm, and I have to leave for work at 7:30.

    I've done research on acid, I think I know what to expect to a suitable degree. I've never had a sure answer on certain questions, so I felt the best place to ask them would be here.

    My questions are:

    1. How long would 1 hit last?

    2. Will I be able to play it off after 7-8 hours? Tbh I need to know this or else i'll be worried about it, which will probably cause me to have a bad trip

    3. will I see cool stuff off 1 hit?

    ANOTHER QUESTION: Say I need to pretend i'm sleeping because my Dad gets up to go to the bathroom (yes, I still live home for now) would I know to stop what i'm doing and turn the light off and jump in bed for a few mins?

    I've done research on acid, I think I know what to expect to a suitable degree. I've never had a sure answer on certain questions, so I felt the best place to ask them would be here.
  2. well i dont know if 1/2 hit will get you very high, unless its really good acid i doubt you will get much visuals, maybe some slight bending/waving and 4-6 hours should be long enough to be able to hide how you act but your pupils will be HUGE so you will need to find a way to hide that from your parents.

  3. idk about the pupils... never thought of that
  4. Don't worry about your eyes just don't draw attention to them.

    With half a hit I'd say you MIGHT get visuals, since it's your first time with psychadelics you might be more susceptable to them so the small dose might effects you well still, but I doubt it.
  5. all depends on how strong the hit is. u might get minimal visuals but dont expect much from 1/2 a hit
  6. in all honesty i would suck it up and just let one of you eat the whole tab. It really will not be worth it, in my opinion
  7. this..
  8. Whatever you decide to do dude, good luck to ya +++ vibes +++ I too hope to be trying some acid tomorrow, first time.just gotta hope my buddy comes through with it.
  9. It's strong acid.
  10. How strong, unless you know for sure (you saw someone tripping on it or you know the source) you might be mistaken.
  11. For the dose, I beg of you not to listen to the suggestions of others, but go by what YOU are comfortable with.
  12. If you haven't done acid before, how do you know its strong?
  13. 1/2 a hit wont do much unless its some really good acid. Try getting more.
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    DO NOT do 1/2 a hit.

    If it's a blotter and you rip it in half, chances are one of you OR both of you will not trip at all.
    LSD is very sensitive to absorption and water.

    Take 1 hit each.


    Secondly, as far as visuals...
    The sky is the limit when it comes to LSD, depending on your mind type, set, and setting.

    And you will most likely have an "after glow" for hours after you've come down.
    You might be having problems associating with reality until up to 24-48 hours after you're come down, depending on your trip and strength of the LSD.


    Thirdly, make yourselves as peaceful and calm before you take the hit for best results. (Happy, content, and joyful)
    Best results meaning your chances of a bad trip are much slimmer.

    And lastly, bad trips aren't actually "bad".
    Bad trips just make you think you're not enjoying yourself when you're mind is locked in a world with no escape, which causes fear and paranoia.

    You won't experience a "psychotic break" unless you're mind is one of 1/10000000, and you are on the edge of psychosis where as LSD breaks your mind into complete dissociation.
  15. im supposed to be trying acid for the first time tommorow
    its one hit and my friend said is was good

    i would be tripping by myself, do you think that would be fine?
  16. to the op my generally somewhat decent knowledge of drugs tells me that if i were to take a 1/2 hit i would not feel it or i would very slightly, even if i hadnt done it before

    and to the other dude i would be fine tripping off a hit of acid by myself, but hell ive tripped twice by myself off 2 hits so your really the only one who knows your answer
  17. Lol, dude, don't listen to this bullshit, your pupils are going to be as fucking big as dinner plates, they'll take one look at you and know your on something, and the dialation lasts quite a while.

    As for the high itself, it varies. I've taken 1 hit of acid that lasted 6 hours and one that lasted 12, it's really hard to gauge, and i strongly reccomend you DONT have any contact with your family until like a couple hours after your done tripping, so this kind of situation that your in wouldn't be the greatest time to drop, in my opinion.

    For me, it takes...about 2 hits, sometimes 3 before i actually start blatantlly hallucanating, (seeing something that isn't actually there) You may see shadows or pictures that look like something else, then you kind of focus and it's just a picture, or a shadow, but thats about it for a 1/2 hit.

    But your playing it smart by starting with a 1/2, i know a guy who did 3 his first time and was screaming in the woods that he was being chased by Nazi's. I watched him climb a power pole like 50 feet in the air, fucking insane.
  18. I got the hit from a good friend of mine, he knows what he's talking about.
  19. i wasn't sure what to do while im tripping
    i guess walk around town, or go to the park
    i think town would look amazing tripping, i liked it alot on shrooms
  20. Actually, now that I think of it, chances are i'll be able to go home at around 9 and nobody will be home until 9:30, so i'll go upstairs and if I hear him coming i'll pretend i'm sleeping. I'm sure i'll be down enough to pull that off right?

    This is only to start me off, if i like the trip, i'll probably take a hit to myself at night and stay up all night (I can easily bend my sleep schedule to sleep during the day and stay up all night, I do it all the time it won't be sketchy)

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