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First Time User

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by kanoeda, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi
    I am going to cook some brownies up but iv never done anything like this before ( i have never used and dont like the thought of inhaling). I have 3g of i believe hash ( its a small solid block) so was wondering for first time use how to put it in the butter in the first place and how much would be recommended. 
    I will be having a few friends over as well who will want some if that makes a difference.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated  
    Many thanks 

  2. How did it go? Brownies work?
  3. I am yet to try it as i don't really know what i am doing and am waiting for a reply to my questions, which i posted earlier.
    just playing the waiting game.
  4. Edible for your first time? You're brave man
  5. you know, you really need to be more informed of what you have and how strong it is. this is setting yourself up to get hurt. with that said, lets see if we can get you some direction. here is how i work it when i am going to eat bud. for the sake of making this quick and you getting the desired effect lets try hot coco. easy to make and it works pretty damn awesome. not to mention i like the taste of hot coco.
    remember this one thing so that your edibles actually work like you want them to: ACTIVATE it. that allows the stuff in bud to get you higher if you eat it and it takes heat to make activation happen. i have eaten green buds before and i got pretty high. then i took the same bud and made hot coco out of it and got forking obliterated and used quite a bit less then what i had eaten before. another thing you need is fat. like in the milk, cream and chocolate you'll be using. THC binds to fats. that is how people are able to make butter for cooking.
    here is the recipe:
    enough milk to fill the cup to about 3/4 of the way up.
    enough cream or half and half to fill it up a little more. {you need room for other stuff too}
    1 piece of milk chocolate {like a Hersey chocolate bar and just break off one of the squares}
    1 piece of dark chocolate {like a Hersey chocolate bar and just break off one of the squares}
    1 piece of caramel {makes the coco buttery, trust me you will love it!}
    chocolate syrup {just enough to turn the milk darker but not real dark, just enough to taste}
    marsh mallows to taste {i love marshmallows in my coco}
    your bud / hash / extract. i use about a gram of green bud that has been ground really fine or about 1/2 gram of hash. you might go half of that to start.
    pour the milk / cream mixture into a pan on the stove and start the heat at about #3.
    add the chocolate syrup and mix to blend well.
    add the milk chocolate and dark chocolate pieces.
    add the caramel piece.
    add your bud / hash / extract at this point.
    keep stiring on #3 heat for 8 or 10 minutes. this is where you start activating the good stuff so you will get a buzz when you drink it. at about the 8 - 10 minute mark everything should be melted and blended well. your hash should have melted into the drink your making as well at this point. i turn the heat up to #5 for the next 2 or 3 minutes and stir well enough so it doesn't boil or scorch the milk. you are pretty much done now.
    add marshmallows to your cup and pour your coco in the cup as well.
    let it cool for a few minutes or you will burn the fuck out of your mouth.
    drink and enjoy!! in about 30 to 45 minutes you should be really high.
    remember that eating something is way different then smoking it. it can be really heavy and overwhelming so don't plan on going anywhere for the rest of the day. if you do, people will no you're on something, especially for your first time. also, you probably want to identify what it is you have exactly. if that is something other then hash you could get sick or fucking die! the world is full of fucked up people who could care less for your well being. i on the other hand do care :yummy:
    post back your results!!
  6. wow thanks for the advice.
    so i should do about half a gram of hash ( which i confirmed) mix it with the butter which i will be slowly heating but not boiling.
    mix it with the brownie mix and oven bake it and a lower temp for a bit longer.
    but this hash is pretty tough should i just scrape some of or grate in the desired amount?
    hot coco sounds like a good idea but i detest hot drinks :p when i want a drink it has to be cold and refreshing!
    and if something should go wrong scat out etc. its why im having more experienced friends round who know how to calm me down.
    but thanks for caring.
  7. i dont mean scat out or have a bad trip. i mean that it is possible to eat to much and put yourself in the hospital.
  8. Make firecrackers for your first time. Microwaved works 60 seconds. Take .4 mixedin with peanut butter in between each cracker
  10. you two need to get a room. :metal:
  11. ha there is one problem im a fussy bar steward and dislike peanut butter as-well! 
    but yeah my plan is cheese grate about 1/2 gram into butter cook it then make the brownies eat , have loads of snacks ready encase so i dont go for more brownies.
    does this sound like a good plan?
    many thanks
    will keep posted and maybe take pics as im doing it may be a few weeks so all my friends have time off.
  12. Grind the 3 grams in a coffee grinder. Decarb, Seal in an aluminum foil pouch 15 min @220 shut oven off leave it in for 5 more min.

    Put in Pyrex covered bowl with enough coconut oil for your brownie mix. Add 1/2 teaspoon of soy lethicin. Cook in oven for 45 min shut off oven and let sit in there for additional 15 min. After it cools freeze it over night. Defrost it and add 1/2 teaspoon of lethicin. Return to oven for another 45 min@ 220. Shut off and leave in oven 15 more min. Strain and use in your recipe. 3 grams of hash will make 12 strong brownies with a 1/4 gram of hash in each one.

  13. I first got high off two hits from a blunt with weed that probably wasn't very good. I was higher than I've ever been that time. Considering edibles are much stronger I do not recommend you to have an edible the first time. This is an entirely new substance your brain is not used to keep that in mind. My best advice is get a good friend you like and trust go someplace you can chill smoke a really small amount and go from there. You can always smoke more, you can't smoke less.

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