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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xality, Feb 24, 2023.

  1. hi there! so ive tried growing multiple plants in the past to no avail (the seeds weren't viable to begin with), but this is my first successful attempt at getting a plant to grow. i planted from a seed around november, and she started producing pistils around the first week of February, but is she kind of small? im mostly looking for general feedback on how she looks im kinda lost now IMG_9271.jpg IMG_9272.jpg IMG_9271.jpg IMG_9272.jpg
  2. Is this auto flowering strain ?
    You need more light.. are you using LED's
    35 watts per square foot of grow space
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  3. I applaud your attempt at growing, but unfortunately that plant won't produce anything with those lights.
    According to your timeline, that plant is about 3 months old.........waste of time.
    If you're serious about growing you need to get some good lights and other equipment.
    Good luck.
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  4. You should also add some Perlite to your soil.
    It helps with aeration and moisture control.

    But yeah, You really need better lights than those.
    You'll be lucky if You get a couple of grams from
    that plant in the end. Not really worth the months
    of waiting and nurturing.

    Read the growing forums and You'll learn a lot.

    Good Luck.
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  5. to my knowledge its not an auto flowering strain, i found the seed in my grinder after i ground up like 3 different strains, all indicas, but that's all i remember, they're 80 watt lights according to the buyers description

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  6. Keep it to learn from & start over again & again & again. with improvements along the way like the rest of us. I'd top that plant & go back to veg? rowybs:metal:
  7. Time cycles of your light. how far is the light away from the plant.
    And agree with adding perlite or and or pea gravel.
  8. Good advise from the guys above, just one question ..have you, did you, ever keep a pet?
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  9. Never noticed that until you said something. :D
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