First time trippin shrooms, Thunderstorm is coming

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  1. So tonight I am finally going to be tripping on shrooms for the first time, unfortunately there is also a thunderstorm rolling in and its supposed to start right after we're going to be dosing. Do you think it will be cool or freaking scary?

    PS this isn't a post cause I'm gonna chicken out, I just want to see if you all think it'll be sweet :)
  2. Ive never tripped on shrooms in a thrunderstorm but on acid there always really cool, with lighting and whatnot
  3. I would love to trip during a storm.. Something about it is peaceful.
  4. thunderstorms scare you when ur sober? if not then ur probly good...i think tripping and watching/listening to a thundestaorm would be fucking epic lol...definetly do it man lol
  5. Just don't freak out if the power goes out!
  6. I've taken shrooms in semi bad weather before and it was terrible. First of all you notice the water and mud and its fucking dirty. Plus the clouds are all gloomy.

    idk man you might be fine and have a great time or you could end up worse than I was. I could have just had a bad trip though and it might not have had any relation to the weather.
  7. i like to have the best possible setting whenever im tripping on shrooms as they tend to be really intense and hard to control at times. with that being said i would recommend tripping on a nice sunny day at a state park or at an abandoned beach.
  8. if its ur first time, i wouldnt do it during a big storm...

  9. Damn I think that'd be AMAZING. I love the rain on mushrooms, or ex for that matter, I can only imagine how sweet a thunderstorm would be.
  10. ive never tripped shrooms, but i think itd be fuckin epic to trip during a storm. i love thunderstorms.
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    If you are afraid of the dark, boogey men, loud noises or thunderstorms I guess it could be..
    For me, I enjoy sitting outside at night during a thunderstorm, love the beauty of nature and each breath on shrooms feels like an orgasm, I can only imagine how pleasurable it would be outside taking deep breaths of that fresh rain mist watching the ripples and splashes as rain poors down and makes puddles, feel like every time a thunderbolt lights in the sky a rush of energy surges through me, like having an orgasm times 100. mmm I need shrooms.

    All in all it sounds like a very cool experience if your not a paranoid, especially if you have a great appreciation and fascination of nature, it's amplified greatly on shrooms just like anything of course!
  12. do it dude i tripped my first time with like 12 other friends during a thunderstorm it was so weeeet!!

    youll love it man
  13. ooooh shit
  14. Ppssh.. Who needs energy through artificial light we already have energy not visible to the human eye flowing all around us for your inner consciousness to sense. :D <-- Awww dem big teeth again.
  15. I fucking love shrooms. greatest feelings ever. but last time i tripped i was with two friends in one of the friends houses--- it was night and he had a skylight but we could tell it was raining because we heard and saw the drops on the skylight. come next morning we discover it never rained at all that night.... not a drop :confused:

  16. you lucky, lucky bastard
  17. damn that actually sounds like itd be a good time to me
  18. go for it. the night before last me and my friend each ate an eight as a thunderstorm was coming in. we were trippin pretty good when it started storming. we actually went for a 4 mile walk in the rain.
  19. Tripping during a storm was one of the most impacting nights of my life. The things you will see, and think of, will blow your mind. Definitely would go outside at some point because feeling the wind, rain, rumble of the thunder... its just incredible. However, be prepared with some candles/lantern/flashlights if the power does happen to go out.
  20. So it turned out that it never even sprinkled :/

    It was still cool though. I ate the whole eighth and chilled real hard. It was pretty sweet, but not as intense as I hoped it would be.

    The thunderstorm woulda been wicked though

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